Friday, July 24, 2009

So much, so little time (and patience)

I have so much to blog about! I'm not really sure where to start... so I'll just go back to Dallas and start there. I apologize if it gets long and boring!

I left at the end of April and traveled the lonely road solo in the Grand Am. Here are some illustrations!

Super flat and boring most of the way!

Windmill Alley- this was for miles... kind of freaky to think what might happen if one fell onto the road!

It was too dark when I got to Colorado to take a pic, so here's the Oklahoma sign!

And Texas... was only in OK for about 45 minutes!

And the new scenery in Texas... not much better, eh?

Amarillo by morning... or afternoon!

We supposedly got the AC fixed before we left, but that was a lie. Shown above: the window open and me being hot and sad!

The scary sky!

The view off of the back of the apartment- the golf course right behind the apartment.

Sonic is everywhere in Texas!
So things in Texas were hard, but good. I met some really cool people and learned how hard missionaries must have to work... except I didn't have to do it all day. When the kids finally got down to Texas, Jaran and I took them to the zoo before he went home. It was a fun time! I will do more later... but it's time to get stuff done around here! Take Care!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Wow... I've never been so grossed out before! This place we found to rent is so nasty and dirty and just disgusting, but at least we found a place of our own. We're only doing a 3-month lease in case something better comes up. We are cleaning and painting today, and hopefully that will make it better. Thanks for everyone who has tried helping us! Take Care!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


You know when you feel like sometimes things happen at wierd times? We have been trying to sell our house/rent our house forever it seems, and just now have found someone who really and truly wants to rent it. They have a home in Idaho they are trying to sell, so they just want to rent it for now, but as soon as their's sells, they want to buy the house. I hope that everything works out!
Jaran and I are getting so so so frustrated cause we can't find a place to live! We are staying with my mom still, and it's not a good time. Her place is way too small for us, and the kids are driving her crazy. So please pray that something happens for us!
The kids are loving being home, and I am super happy too. We missed Jaran way to much, and even though we don't have a place of our own, you can see the difference in our attitudes and overall demeaner. Jaran is happy to have us here too, of course! We had a good time at Lovell's Day, and are getting excited for the Rael's 4th of July stuff, and we might take the kids to the parade in Cody, but I'm not sure about that one.
Well, my thoughts are super scattered, and I need to get showered and get going, so I will try and post better later! Take Care!