Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mountains and stuff

I said I would post some pictures of swimming, so here they are:

Brensyn didn't like it the first day, but as you can see, he got over that!

Brittly loved it, and is a bit of an acrobat!

Taylin loved to be able to swim by herself- thanks to a handy life jacket!

Kies was a bit cold, but still wanted to pose!

Kelden jumping to his teachers.
Now here are some pictures of the fair in Bozeman:

And here are a couple hilarious ones of Ansleigh. Her scowl and her crazy eyed grin:

Sorry not much to report, really. Still at Mom's, although we're going home for the weekend to work on the house- WOO HOO! I can't wait to sleep in my own bed in my own room. Take Care!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The New Twilight Trailer!


Okay Kim, I'm sorry, thanks for chastising me into doing a new post. I actually have something worthwhile to post about! As most of you who regularly read my blog know, Stephanie (Wilson) Coble and I were in a singing competition in Bozeman. It was the Colgate Country Showdown, and in order for us to compete we had to record two songs and send them in to be accepted into the top ten, which we did and we were. On Saturday, we went to the Bozeman Fairgrounds, rehearsed with the band, and at 5 that night, the show started. There were 8 solo performers and two duets, us and a mixed duet. We had so much fun! We didn't win, but we had the time of our lives and were very proud of the job we did. The girl who won also won last year, and seemed entirely artificially suprised. It was a bit of a shock, as not only did I think that we had done better than her, but others as well. She was, however, skinny, blonde, young and cute. That may have played into it a bit. Not saying anything against young, skinny, cute, blonde girls- she just had an upper hand on us brunette mommy's! But like I said, we had a blast and would have done it over again thousands of times for the rush we got from it! I'd have to say, I'm a bit addicted to performing... not so much even that... just singing in general. I love to go do karaoke, and this chance Steph and I had was completely awesome!
Moving on to different things... every night before Brensyn goes to sleep, I have to sing "I'm trying to be like Jesus" to him or he won't go to bed. Well last night, after reading the bedtime story, we decided to let the boys each pick a song to sing, and Brensyn said he wanted "The Jesus Song" and Kies wanted "I am a child of God." We told them to sing along with us, and Brensyn sang THE WHOLE SONG! That's right! He had never done ANY of it with me before, let alone the whole thing. He even knew the second verse! Yes, it's hard to understand a few things here and there, but he's getting quite good at speaking, and it was just amazing! Kies started singing before he even turned one, so it has been a long time since that for Brens, and I wondered if he'd ever want to, but last night showed me he did. It was so precious I wish I could have gotten it on camera. Jaran and I had a hard time not laughing, which made Kies laugh and in turn caused Brensyn to bust up, but once we were under control we went on with it. Sorry, I know I'm rambling on, but it was so awesome to me to hear that.
I am pretty sure I will be going back to Bozeman next week. It is just too hard staying here where we feel so cramped, and to be honest, not so welcome anymore. As you all know, we've been living with my Mom and Bob, and they only have one room available for us to use. Not just that, but the one room is very small for one person, let alone five. So wish us luck in our adventure. I don't think that I can handle anymore of it. There are a lot of things which I really shouldn't post about that factor into this decision, but they are taxing on us all. So until we can find(which means afford) our own place here, we will probably be gone.
Take Care all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My sis-in-law, Kendra, had this on her blog, and I thought it would be a fun time. I always hate not getting comments, so this way- you read the blog- you may feel more inclined to do it, and that will make me feel loved and important and cool and maybe even a bit of a dork! So play along PLEASE! Even if you are just a lurker, as am I, you can leave a comment of your favorite post of mine. And if you have found out I'm lurking on your blog and want me to stop- let me know!
Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! I guess good or bad, but be nice!!!!!!!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I will comment on my page about you!
Take Care!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So the boys have been going to Swim lessons for a week now, and they love it! I, of course, don't have any pictures of them, but have talked Jaran into coming today, so I will hopefully have time to take some. Ansleigh loves the water, too. She especially loves it when I hold her on her belly. She kicks so hard, and smiles so big, it's just really funny. It's nice to get out and let the kids have fun with other kids. Tracy McArthur is teaching, and has a different helper every day. Emily Bernheisel is always there, as she is one of the lifeguards at the Cowley pool. One of these days I will get brave and go and take the boys for regular pool hours. That will have to be planned around Ansleigh and her nap time, and Mom's willingness to be at home with her so I can take them. I will post about that if it ever comes to fruition.
We had a nice Abraham family reunion last weekend in Byron. It was nice to see all of the far extended family(as Jaran called it) and visit with everyone I haven't seen in a while. For those of you who don't know, this family includes: Abrahams, of course, Hessenthalers, Ames', Nations, Stevens', and countless other misfit groups. I don't remember the last time we had an actual scheduled get-together, so it was also a bit crazy, but that's just like we like it.
Saturday brought on the Byron's Day celebration. It began with a parade at 10 o'clock, with the kids actually getting some candy and not being attacked by the older kids. Then we headed over to the Byron Sessions/memorial park for the dedication of the memorial part. It was really nice. There are names of all the vetrans that have served that have or still do live in Byron. My Grandpa Arch's name was there on the list, as well as a plaque on the ground around the flag. It was very nice to see that people still care about those who have and do serve our country. With all of the anti-war stuff going around it's hard to believe there are those of us who still support and care about the soldiers.
After those festivities, it was off to the park for volleyball and waterslides. Jaran and I were on a team with Curtis and Jen Abraham, and Ken and Dariece Grant... as well as Doug Daniels I believe his name was. We had fun and took fourth place. We actually held up pretty well for being the oldest team playing. After volleyball I realized that I was extremely burned on my back and chest.

Not from playing volleyball, but from the parade and dedication. I didn't think to put sunscreen on then, but did for volleyball. Dumb move. Actually- they don't really even hurt- it's the back of my legs that hurt, and they aren't hardly burnt at all! CRAZY!
Fireworks and a little bit of karaoke ended the evening. They display at the park was great, as it usually is, and the boys loved it. While I went to the car to get my sweatshirt, however, I was attacked by killer thorns. That's right- they went clear through my flip flops into my feet. I still have a big sore on my left heel that kills every time I step on it. I had to have Rose go get me my other shoes from the car while I stayed in the exact same spot to prevent further attacks. Not cool!
All-in-all it was a great weekend, and I hope this weekend will be as fun. We will be in Bozeman, and since the fair is in town, we will probably take the kids on a few rides. Steph and I will be singing in the Country Showdown on Saturday night, so wish us luck again, to those of you who haven't. We will be practicing all this week, and we are hoping and praying it will pay off! Take Care!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh the pain!

So last Tuesday I went into the dentist, thinking that I had a wisdom tooth problem... but no- it was my back bottom right tooth that abcessed and needed a root canal. They only did a partial, cause they didn't have time to do it all. So they did it and sent me on my way without anything else. Slowly, but surely, my tooth started to hurt more and more until I was about ready to rob a pharmacy. I knew that I needed anti-biotics, but my stupid dentist didn't have a number to call to get ahold of him, and being a holiday, he closed after business on Wednesday. So the whole weekend I was in pain. Finally yesterday I decided that if I didn't get something I might die... really you guys, the pain was probably right up there with labor pains. I've never hurt so bad, besides when I had the same problem in my front tooth that got broken. It broke my freshman year and I had to get it fixed a couple days after Thanksgiving my Junior year. So back to the point- I called emergency dentists, the ER, and everything I could think of. The cheapest option was about $400 dollars, until some nice woman suggested the walk-in clinic in Cody. Hallelujia! So I went there, after about two minutes and sixty-five dollars, I got a perscription for some anti-biotics and pain killers. Now, since I'm still nursing, I could only get Tylenol 3, which is tylenol and Codein. But it sort of worked and I was thankful for it! Today at 3 was my appointment to finish the root canal. After explaining what happened this weekend, I got some, wow, that's too bad, and maybe a sorry, and then got it fixed. The dentist, feeling bad, gave me another perscription for pain killers, as the ones I had before won't last long, and then also a refill, should I need it! Woo hoo! He offered to write me one for some Vicadin, but last time I was perscribed that, it didn't work, so I'm sticking with the Tylenol 3.

Our 4th of July celebration was great! Dave Rael(Mom and Bob's neighbor) does a great fireworks desplay every year. Up to this point, we have not attended cause we were always in MT. This year, however, the kids and I got to be part of it! There was great food- Bob supplied something like 275 pounds of pork,

and there were multiple salads, beans and other great treats! Dave also buys a nice selection of fireworks for every single kid there! He's so awesome and generous and just a great guy! The kids had fun, although I was a bit of a downer cause I was in pain, but still a great time!
This is right after fireworks- she always sleeps like this! She needed her bum changed before bed, but she fell asleep, so I tried to change it without waking her up. As soon as I took her diaper off, it woke her up just long enough to make her do this:

And for those of you who don't think she looks like me:

Brensyn with hims gun:

And Kies coloring(which he has JUST recently started wanting to do):

It's been a hard time since Jaran has been in Three Forks since last Tuesday and doesn't plan on returning until Wednesday night or Thursday morning. He has, however, gotten a lot of things that needed to get done finished. He put beams and tongue and groove up on the ceiling in our living room and kitchen and it looks fabulous!

Also, he's been working on finishing the basement! We're getting closer to things being done, and I'm so thankful for him and his work ethic... although I do get a bit irritated when he doesn't take time to play with us when he's here! So enough of a post for now, I'm being boring! Take care!

PS- For those of you who don't know, Stephanie Coble(Wilson) and I entered and got accepted to be in the Country Showdown in Bozeman on July 19th. We will be singing two songs in the competition and if we win, we will go to regions, state and then nationals(I think something like that)- so please wish us luck! You're all more than welcome to spend a bagillion dollars on gas and come and watch us if you want!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Cherish the everyday

I knew it was going to be a late night when we decided to go to the circus at 7:30 tonight in Lovell. But I didn't figure it would be this late. The circus was a hit with the kids, and we had a great time, even after getting eaten by mosquito's. We came home, and I got the kids in bed(Jaran had to go home to finish stuff on the house, and we tend to keep him from his work when we're there, so we stayed at mom's) and then the fireworks/dynamite started going off next door. Dave Rael was testing things out for tomorrow's big show. I was getting a little bit irritated at first, thinking my kids would never stay in bed, but was happy to see that they were still in bed... maybe frightened to get out, lest they be blown up;)! So I cleaned out the fridge to make room for the treats we will make for the shindig tomorrow. Then I went outside and talked to Bob, Dave, Greg and my mom. I decided to come in cause I was feeling cold, and since Kies was in the computer room, I wasn't going to get on the internet, but decided I would shut off the speakers and be okay. So I got on here and immediately checked my blog comments. When I post a blog I get irritated if I don't get comments, but I rarely comment myself... so I promise to comment better if you all will comment on mine- ha ha ha. I looked at Laurens blog and found a link to one of the greatest blogs ever. No, not some incredibly decorated or fun blog, but one that made me stop and be thankful for all that I have.

It is this blog:

This family lost their baby to a horrible drowning accident not very long ago. I went clear back to when Stephanie's (the mother) first post about it was, and then read right to the present. She is such a stronger and better person than I am. Were I in her situation I would have stayed in bed, too sad and angry and hurt and overwhelmed by everything, not to mention that I would be crying every second of every minute of every day. Reading this story, and her feelings and reactions to things makes me feel like maybe I can try and be stronger so that if a tragedy happens, that I might be able to face it and be better. As I was getting ready to comment on her most recent blog posting, Ansleigh started to wake up and cry. Normally this would have irritated me and I would have drug my feet to get her out. Instead I rushed to her, picked her up, gave her kisses and then laid next to her on the couch and snuggled her back to sleep. After I am done with this post, I will lie down next to Kies and snuggle with him, hopefully not fall asleep, and then go to bed, where Brensyn is sleeping, and snuggle with him. I hope that tomorrow I will be able to not be so short with my kids... tell them how much I love them... and let them just be kids. I want to cherish the everyday with them, not dread trying to get them to take a nap, but be thankful that they are with me and can fight it. I want to watch them run around and wrestle and even scream, shout and cry- just to hear them and know that they are there. I want to see McKie talk back to me and know that he is healthy and able to yell, because that means that in that moment, I have him. I don't know if Stephanie will read this, but if you do, thank you again for the person you are! I will try and be more like you, and I will definitely have you in my prayers! Take care!

PS- Sorry about the rambling. I sometimes have a need to do that!

PSPS- An update on Shelly:
Thanks to your faith and prayers, Shelly was discharged from ICU last week, and discharged from the hospital this week. She is healing, and the problems she had have all but disappeared! She is still having to cover her trach to talk, but it is slowly healing closed. Her nutrition is still a bit of an issue, but the Doctors are trying to get it under control, and seeming to be doing a great job! Thanks again to all of you who prayed for her. It will be a long road to a full recovery, but it's started. She is quite scared still, knowing she was "asleep" for a month and a half, and doesn't know about a lot of things that happened while she was out. I'm not sure all that she does and doesn't know, but I believe dad has kept a lot from her so that she doesn't get even more scared. She's not sure about the job and house, but will have to find out sooner or later, as they will have to figure out where they want to live now. We have offered our home to them, and I hope they will feel welcome to come. Although we may not always be there, they will be welcomed with open arms!