Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun weekend!

This weekend didn't start out fun. I had been planning for weeks- no months- to go to Rexburg and be part of a craft fair that Shantay and Cassie were putting on. I did a bunch of vinyl for it, and was getting really excited to go and see everyone. I had been asking Calli for a while if she wanted to go with me, but she would never give me a straight answer. I wanted to get a good start on Friday so that I could get there and help them set up, and just hang out. So I asked Calli that morning if she was going to go, and still she wouldn't tell me. I had some errands to do before I left, so I went over to Cam's and did a few last minute vinyl tiles and things... waiting for the decision to be made if she was going to come. So finally she told me she didn't want to. By this time it was too late to find anyone else to go, so I was severely frustrated that I had to go by myself. I had taken the back seat out of the van, so I had plenty of room for everything, so I didn't want to have to take all the kids with me. Jaran said that he would go with me when he was done working, but I didn't want to get such a late start. I called both my mom and Calli to see if they'd keep the boys for the weekend, but neither would... of course! I had the van all packed and ready to go, so I decided I'd just have to take off and be a loner, well with Ansleigh of course. So I took off towards Billings. I got about 3/4 of the way to Bridger and pulled off the highway. For some reason, I just thought that I needed to stop and think about this. Was it worth it to go by myself and do this crazy thing? I sat there and decided to pray about it. After I did so, I decided to call Jaran and talk to him about it. I talked and thought, and finally decided to just go back to Cowley. Then after talking to Jaran, we decided to go. We didn't leave until around six, so it WAS the late start I didn't want. We thought we would just go as far as Three Forks and sleep in our own beds and then leave early in the morning. By the time we got to Bozeman we had decided to just go all the way that night, and go through Ennis and Island Park. When we got to Ennis it had started snowing on and off. I was driving, and as we turned and got into Idaho, the snow was blowing across the road, and I was a nervous wreck! So Jaran forced me to pull over and took the reigns. It's a good thing I had waited for him, cause I would have probably just pulled over on the side of the road and freaked out! We finally got to Rexburg around 12:30 and pulled into Bren and Cassie's. Cassie and Shantay were still up making goodies for the next day! The kids "went to bed," as did Jaran, and I stayed up and tried to help as much as possible. The next day at the fair was fun. I got to meet some really fun people and visit with Kalli, Shayla and Hillary. Then after the fair, we went to Arch and Shantay's and waited for Bren to get home. We had some pizza, and made a cake for Sam's girlfriend's birthday. Sam brought ROCK BAND over, and we had a BLAST playing with everyone. We left Sunday morning and got to Three Forks and decided to go home and put the kids down for a nap. Both Jaran and I also took one, and then we drove back here to Mom's. It was a nice break, and we had fun visiting. I think that we've decided to explore our option in moving. We thought before about moving to Idaho, but Jaran thought that it would be best to come here to Wyoming... but now, he's thinking that it wouldn't be so bad if we lived in Idaho... so we'll see! You know how our plans are always changing. I'll keep you all updated! Sorry I don't have any pics- I can't find the camera again. Take Care!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simple thoughts

I truly do love my kids. In those seldom moments when they're cuteness isn't followed or preceeded by annoying or naughty, I remember that they are the most adorable and fantastic kids in the world! Their smiles make me laugh and smile and remember why it's great to be a mom! I love them, and I need to remember that even when they're being naughty! It's hard at times- but I think I need to put some pictures of them smiling up at my mom's, just to remember while I am chewing them out, that they're adorable. It's been hard while being at my Mom's. We don't have enough space for ourselves, let alone all of our crap. We really don't have enough room to sleep comfortably at night, but at least we have a roof over our heads, and Jaran has work. I am so thankful for that! And very grateful that my Mom and Bob are allowing us to interrupt their world for a while! Thanks! Take Care everyone!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Our Easter festivities started out with and Easter egg "hunt" on Saturday morning at the park in Byron. I say "hunt" because all they do is throw a bunch of eggs on the ground and let the kids go pick them up. What has happened? No hunts, just a bunch of strewn about eggs... oh well- the kids LOVED IT! (As did Jaran!) I wish I could have gotten picture of Kade with Maddox! He was running so fast that Maddox's legs barely touched ground!

Once we were done there, the kids all played at Cam's house, and had a blast climbing the trees and jumping on the tramp and just getting dirty, like kids love to do.

Jaran and I took the kids home for naps, and then went to the park to play. We had fun, but I didn't remember to take the camera, so no pics of that. When we came back, we were freezing, so we made some hot chocolate, and then some pizza for dinner... while I boiled eggs for the kids to decorate. We didn't have time for the decorating, so we'll have to do that today. But this morning, the kids woke up, and were pumped to find they had treats!

Now they're out flying their kites, so I had better go take some pics! Take care!

Friday, March 21, 2008


I am telling this story, because my good friend, Ranee, told about hers! I can't even remember if I've ever told anyone this story, but it's great! It had been a while since Jaran and I had decided to get married. I already had my wedding dress, our bridesmaids dresses, his and his groomsmen tuxes, and of course my mom had gone overboard with the decorations... and yet still no official proposal or ring. :( Yes quite sad! We were in Utah for... Mother's day I believe... so it was about a month before we were supposed to be married! It had taken quite a while for him to find the perfect ring- price, style, etc.- so that was his excuse. I knew that he had finally found one on the day that I bought the bridesmaids dresses, because he had borrowed the CTR ring that I wore on my left ring finger for sizing purposes... yes we were at the same location. He had told me that he was getting the engagement band specially made, cause he knew that I was a fan of the wider band... so I kept waiting. When we got to Utah, I knew he had finally received the ring, cause I had seen the boxes in his closet... so I told him he should show his mom. He looked at me, and serious as can be, said-"I forgot them in Bozeman!" I believed him as he went on and on about how he had put them in his duffel bag, and then decided to take a suitcase and forgot them inside. I was, of course, upset as I was hoping to finally have a ring and be engaged! So I was a little mopey that day. He said he was sorry, and that we should go take a hiking trip and forget about it. So we started driving to Bountiful... up the hill... and behind the temple... to a little place where the hills looked over the temple. It was awesome! The view was great, it was approaching sunset, and I realized the shoes I had on weren't the best for hiking! Oh well, I thought, it'll be nice to get out and have fun. So we started our little hike, but it didn't last long. Since it was getting closer to sunset, we decided (mostly he decided) to sit and watch the sunset. As the sun set, the lights to the temple came on. There was a light breeze, and you could see the Salt Lake in the distance, reflecting the glow of the just set sun. I was sure that this would have been the perfect moment to propose, but darn it, he forgot to bring the ring! So I looked at him, and he said- well I guess we should get back before it gets too late! I still thought he should do it, with or without the ring... but he just helped me up and we started walking. Then he stopped, turned to me, and said- hold on. He dropped to one knee, got the supposedly forgotten ring out of his pocket, and said- I want you to know how much I love you- will you marry me? There were tears and few playful smacks to his arm for making me believe I was never going to be properly proposed to! We drove home, and for the next while, people (around 16) had to come and see the beautiful ring I had just received. It was awesome! I am so lucky to have such a great husband, and three beautiful children! I am so grateful that we are sealed together forever, and that I KNOW that if we do what we are taught, we will be able to live that life forever. Now, Ranee, I know how you feel about rings being lost. Olivia Peterson flew out a week before the wedding, to keep me sane around my stressed out mother, and help with the final preparations... and to just plain have fun. Two days before the wedding, we were over in Byron, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pond/waterfall, trimming back flowers and whatever else needed done. I went into the house to wash my hands, and it was then that it happened- I looked down at the ring, and one of the diamonds was gone- that is right- gone! I searched the sink, to no avail, and went running out to my mom, with my wands outstretched, bawling my eyes out. She, I found out later, thought that I had chopped off one of my fingers by the way I was carrying on. Then I composed myself enough to explain what was going on. We spend the next little while searching everywhere- the pond, the sink, the lawn- EVERYWHERE! We didn't find it. I called Jaran and tried to tell him what happened, but I was crying so badly, that either my mom or Livs finally had to tell him what happened. The next day- day before the wedding- Livs, Calli and I went from Cody to Worland looking for someone who could replace the rock with ANYTHING so there wasn't a gaping hole. But nobody could. So on my wedding day, I was lacking one of the three stones in the ring. It's funny now to tell about it... but believe me- it was a horrible day. I actually have a picture of me after the ceremony looking at my ring with a scowl on my face. I will see if I can find the picture and scan it in and post it. It's quite humorous! You all have a great day! Take care!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Good times, Fun times

So yesterday was Steph Wilson Coble's birthday, and we went out to celebrate. We went to a place in Powell called Joey's, and we had a blast! Nancy, Megan (Steph's sis-in-law), and Heidi (just a buddy) were all there for the festivities. We had some appetizers- which were really great- and some incredibly good Virgin Daqueries! Then we moved on to the main course- all of which were delicious! Heidi had made Steph a super yummy cake, and that topped off the evening. She brought a bunch of candles for it- and she had some that were hooked together in a strip and you just light one- well we had already started the ones that weren't hooked, and she tried adding those, and they all went up in flames! It was amazing- but we laughed and had fun. No damage was done to anyone around- just a fun display of flames! It's good to be around friends again and be able to hang out and do fun things! Also- thanks to our husbands for watching out children so we could go out kid-free! Love you husbands! Take care!
Nice- right after the inferno
Blowing out the candles
Clapping that they finally all went out!
Tag time:

What were you doing 10 years ago? Let’s see, March of 1998… I believe I was a sophomore then... so I was probably wishing that May would get here so I could finally have that first official date when I turned 16- in fact I know that's what I was doing cause pretty much everyone else was dating already
5 things on my list today:
1. Shower without having one of my kids with me
2. Go to a funeral- not really fun, I know
3. Make lunch
4. Go find some of my maternity clothes for Megan
5. Go babysit my nieces and nephew in Byron

5 snacks that I enjoy: …Only five?
1. Smoothies
2. Ice cream
3. THIN MINTS- thanks girl scouts
4. cereal
5. Peanut butter sandwiches

3 bad habits:
1. Re-doing lists, or just writing things... if you know me very well, you know that I have a million notebooks around my house... in fact the other day- I needed to write so badly that I found an old list, and re-wrote it- I know obsessive compulsive
2. touching my hair- cause then it gets greasy.
3. Being stubborn about ridiculous things- just like Ranee

4 If I suddenly became a billionaire:
Wow- so many things. Record a CD, cause I always wanted to do that. Buy an SUV so I don't have to drive a van anymore... Buy everyone in my family a house- well my sisters, brother and parents... any probably Jaran's siblings and parents- which means we'd have to keep it simple or we'd be out of the Billion soon;)... Buy a boat and some Four-wheelers. So so many things! FIRST- Hire someone to watch the kids while Jaran and I go on vacation!

5 places I’ve lived:
1. Byron, WY
2. Powell, WY
3. Cody, WY
4. Parker, CO
5. Bozeman, MT
5 jobs I’ve had:
1. Waitress- yipee... right
2. Receptionist
3. Member of the coolest Rock Band ever- Blackwater... ha ha ha
4. Vet assistant
5. Merchandiser

5 things people don’t know about me:
1. The obsessive compulsive thing- well not everyone knows about it!
2. I like to play cards on my computer while the kids are asleep
3. I have O- blood, so I can donate to ANYONE if you ever need it!
4. I am a better shot than my husband- sorry honey, but you know it's true!
5. I am studying to be a medical transcriptionist!

So, hey, tag, you’re it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rock Band!

I just want to tell everyone that if you've never played Rock Band, you need to find a friend who has it and invite yourself over for a round or two. Steph Wilson Coble invited me over the other night to play, cause her brother Nick has it, and we played it for quite a long time, and it was a blast! I hope we have another jam session soon- cause I'm having some withdrawl- and I need to release some of this craziness that I've built up in the last few days! If anyone knows of ANYWHERE around Byron, Cowley or Lovell to rent- let me know- in case we end up staying longer than we planned, cause being cramped up in this little trailer is driving us all a little insane- take care!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Everyone forgot!

We were planning on going to church in Byron yesterday. We woke up at what Mom said was 7 something and went out and fed the kids and just pooped around. Then I answered the phone and figured that I better find out what time it was so I could start getting ready. It was 9:21! Church starts there at 9:30 so I knew we wouldn't make it. I remembered that it was daylight savings, and figured that everyone else knew- but everyone forgot! So we got roped into going over to the house in Byron and working on a Sunday. The appraiser is coming today, so we needed to get as much done as possible, seeing how we thought we had more time before she was coming. I painted the upstairs bathroom and got the downstairs bathroom ready for painting. Nancy came over and we ended up going to eat at Chinese for lunch. After that we had to go to Blair's and get some milk seeing how we need a cow to keep up with our milk intake. When we were done in Powell, Nancy took the boys over to her house so they could nap while I put the second coat on the bathroom. Only Brensyn napped. They all walked over to the house and while I was putting the tape on the downstairs bathroom fixtures, Brensyn wandered off. Mom and Bob were outside, but didn't notice he was gone. So we had another "Brensyn's lost" scare. They have a waterfall outside, and there was a bit of water in the pond part, so everyone was nervous that he'd fallen in... but he had just wandered off down the street. We are going to have to put a leash on that kid... well when Jaran and I aren't in charge anyway. I figured he'd gone over to Erik and Lacey Bassett's but he'd just walked down the street a little. If we'd just called his name loudly, we would have found him right away. But it's not easy to notice such a small thing out in the big wilderness;)! Well, I had better go, sounds like the boys aren't eating their cereal like they're supposed to... and yes- I realize we broke the Sabbath in at least three ways- but when you're with my Mom and Bob, that happens too frequently. Sorry to set such a bad example. I promise I'll work on it! Here are some random pics-

Kies being a Lion

Ansleigh with the pirate hat on

Brensyn with his crazy ears


Saturday, March 8, 2008


Last night, Jen and Dave Hessenthaler invited us over for dinner with some other couples that live in Byron, and we had a blast! Jaran, usually the extremely less social one, said that he really enjoyed himself, and how great the guys were... and all of us girl migrated to the other living room to leave the boys to their talk on politics and other boring subjects, while we talked about babies and family issues and high school! Besides Jen and Dave, Josh and Shelley Sanders, Caleb and Lexi Sanders, Brandon and Serena Hessenthaler, Adam and Ranae Clark, and Heather and Cody Wagner were there. I was completely opposed to living in Byron until last night... now I almost want to! Part of that reason was thinking that it was just a bunch of old people in Byron, and I didn't want to go to church with a bunch of crazy old people... but now I'm okay with it. Problem is- there is NOWHERE to rent around here. We need to get home and get the house finished so we can get it on the market, but after that- there is no reason to stay there. Both Jaran and I are really starting to look forward to getting here as quickly as possible and starting over! So wish us luck. Here's to hoping it will all work out!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Randomness... from me? NEVER!

I just have some random things in my head, and I'm bored since the kids have been behaving for the past 3.2 minutes... so I'll write a blog. Well, that and I've read some other blogs this morning that make me think of different things. After reading Emily's blog- I realize how much I miss my friends from high school that I haven't kept in touch with. These people include Adam, Dave Sanders, pretty much all my Lovell friends(Ranae, you are one of these people) and countless others. I wish they had more than just a 10 year reunion with your one class from your one school. Don't you wish it would be a Rocky/Lovell reunion for the few years around the time we graduated? Maybe only a few of you agree with this. It's weird, as I look back, to think of how many different "sets" of friends I had. There were Shay, Em and Kendra kind of in one group, Steph, Jen, Autumn, Beth in another... the "Lovell guys" the "Lovell girls" the "Cody guys" and then a whole group of people from Powell that I did things with. There were some other people in high school that I considered friends that I didn't really hang out with so much as I knew around school and they didn't hate me... ha ha ha. Maybe one day we can make a day for us to all get together. Or maybe we need to set up a big blog for everyone to get on and update what's going on with them, and when they'll be around to do things with. I don't know. It probably also has to do with the fact that I'm in Cowley seeing things that remind me of the good old days. Some people hated high school. I hated the school part of things- but loved the social part. I mean- who doesn't love the roof incident? All involved can say how much fun it was, and how we'll never forget it. And- for punishment(although the Rocky kids involved were never asked to officially)- we helped with the Lovell elementary's field day. It was a blast, and we got to hang out and not get in trouble for being out of school... not much of a punishment if you ask me! I wish I were at home so I could post some pictures. I don't know if you all remember this or not- but one time we all gathered at my house in Byron and took some random pics before heading out to the sandhills for a bonfire. At the bonfire we were supposed to roast marshmellows, but instead had a huge marshmellow war... which I believe ended when I got a marshmellow to the face from Spence McArthur! Do you remember how loud it was? It really didn't hurt- but it sounded like it should have knocked my head off! We used to do so many fun things like that. Let's get together and do it again! Any of you who feel the urge to go do something fun- let me know and we'll plan it! I'm done rambling for now... but here are some things to think back on~~~ music festivals~~~ rival football and basketball games~~~ State basketball and dance~~~ State track~~~ youth conferences~~~ grad night out(Javid humping the floor to "Like a Virgin")~~~ wrestling~~~ musicals~~~ prom. That's enough for now. I love you all! Take care!

Monday, March 3, 2008

We're back...

Today Jaran informed me that he won't have any work back in Bozeman for AT LEAST a month. Not good! So we are thinking about maybe getting an apartment here in Wyoming since he seems to be able to find work here easier than back home... not to mention that we will most likely be moving here permanently once we sell our house. Wether or not this will happen for sure, I cannot say. But for now that is the plan. It's not so bad here as I thought it would be. Kind of fun being around fam and having some friends to do stuff with!
This weekend we went home to spend some time with Jaran's side of the family. Tristan and Trevin, Joseph and Kendra's 8 year olds, got baptized on Saturday, and Ewan was blessed. It was nice to be able to visit with some of the family, seeing how it's been a couple months since we last saw them. We had a small karaoke party on Saturday night, and it was fun just being around people. On the way back to Utah, Jaran's sister Vye had a small accident... well... I guess not really SMALL, but nobody got hurt. Vye, Vanessa, Nikki, and Vye's two children were driving near Island Park, ID and hit a sheet of ice, lost control, and tipped over onto the side into a snow drift. Thankfully there wasn't too much damage, just a small dent in the side of the car... and it didn't even break the mirror off! I guess they had to get an oil change cause some gas had leaked into the car while it was on it's side for so long. We're so thankful that they're all okay... although I'm sure they are a little sore no matter what!
That's about it for now... Ansleigh's been sick, so I haven't gotten much sleep the last few nights, and I'm hoping I can get to bed early tonight and try and get some more sleep! Take care all!