Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

May 22nd was McKie's 4th birthday. We had plans to have a BBQ in Cowley Thursday night, but the weather wouldn't allow it, and since it was supposed to be bad weather the rest of the week, we decided to go home for the weekend. So we called up Calli, Steph, Jonny and Erica to do an impromptu party in Billings at Chucky Cheese on the way home. It was a BLAST! Not only for the kids, but for us "grown ups" too.

Here are the boys watching the show.
So we got a bunch of tokens for the kids. Maddox ended up coming with Steph, so we had 4 big boys who could play games and ride the little rides. Then we realized that we also could use some tokens to play games. We let the kids go play until the pizza got there, then had to talk them into coming back to eat.

After they had eaten, we let them go back to play, and we also went and played some basketball, Jonny was the winner there, and then it was time for cake and presents. Calli took a bunch of pictures, so I'll have to get those and post them later.

Kies got a Spiderman bike from us, a spiderman motorcycle toy and stickers from Jonny, Erica, Jacob and Kyson, and a shirt from Steph that has glow in the dark foot prints, which probably got the biggest reaction for some crazy reason.

(Maddox was following just waiting for a chance to ride the new bike!)
Then they went back, used up their tokens and decided to keep playing. Here's Brensyn crawling up into the basketball game to get the balls... he wasn't worried that he didn't get tickets!

Here's Ansleigh, tuckered out from the long day of bells and VERY LOUD MUSIC!

It was probably one of the best birthday celebrations that we've been involved in, and it really wasn't that expensive. We will be going to Chucky Cheese's more often to tire the kids out;)! We had a ton of fun!
On a different note, my Step-mom Shelly is extremely sick in the hospital. She is on a vent(breathing tube), has two chest tubes, and multiple infections that she can't seem to get rid of right now. We can use all of the prayers you can manage, so please, use your faith and help us out! Thanks everyone- Take Care!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

And the winner is...

david cook
NICE! Way to go David! I'm so excited I can't put it into words. Good job buddy! That's right, we're buddies. Or at least we'd be if we met... I'm sure of it! J/k- but seriously- I'm pumped! Take Care!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Much to tell

Well, we can work our way backwards! Yesterday was my 25th birthday, so happy birthday to me! We had a bbq at my sister Cam's house, and it was nice! The first time I've had a birthday cake since the dreaded birthday of '04 when McKie was adament to stay in my belly! Mom and Bob, Cam and her fam, and then my little family were all in attendance. Earlier in the day, I was watching Cam's kids, and at lunch, Brensyn decided to go into the other room. So I went in and took his hand to walk him back into the kitchen. He has been rehearsing his fit throwing ability, and decided that he was due for a practice. So he threw himself on the ground. I am still holding his hand, mind you, and I heard a pop! I knew right away he had probably dislocated something. Last July, while we were at church, he dislocated his elbow when Jaran was turning him around on our bench, and he was acting the same way he had then. So I called Jaran to come and either take Brens, or sit with the other kids. He opted to sit with the kids, so it was my motherly duty to take Brensyn to the ER. I decided that such an injury would probably be handled fine in Lovell, so away we went. When we got there, the Dr. popped it right back in, and after a couple of x-rays to double check that it was all good, we were done! Here are some pictures of Brensyn lying in bed with his Spiderman sticker from the nurse!

It was a fun day all-in-all. Many phone messages and well wishes were appreciated by all of those who left them with me! THANKS!
On Saturday, we decided to take the kids on a little jaunt to the Five Springs waterfall at the foot of the Big Horns. It was awesome! The boys loved the water, and Ansleigh even liked the hike!

Here we are at the beginning. I don't have hats for the boys- so they were sporting the do-rags!

The boys love it here... and getting sprayed by the fine freezing mist was a riot for them!

The boys wanted to play in the water, but that didn't last too long when they figured out how cold it was!
After we got into the car, Jaran said we should go see the resevoir. Word on the street was that it's a lot better since they did all of the improvements. When we got there, almost no water was to be found. So the boys just played on the playground. The rocks out there are so red, it's amazing!
I will post more later, but I need to go and clean up a bit. The boys just woke up and already have undone the cleaning I've already done today! Take Care!

PS- Say a prayer for my step-mother Shelly. She is in the hospital, and isn't doing very well. She needs all the prayers and faith she can get if she's going to pull through. While you're at it, say a prayer for my Dad, he's not handling it very well. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back to Wyoming

Jaran called yesterday and said that we are going back to Wyoming. So I'm getting ready so we can leave this afternoon. Last night I went to volleyball and filled the girls in on the news that we'd be going again, and they were bummed out. I think I've actually improved since I was in high school... or maybe it is the fact that we're all old, and I'm the youngest of us, so I seem a little better than I used to be? Who knows, I don't. But that's not the point... let me make it now- when I got home, my room was spotless as I walked in, then I turned to the couch, and found this:

When Jaran "cleans up" this is what I get. I had been doing laundry all day yesterday to prepare for the journey today, and I had piles everywhere on our bed and floor. Instead of putting them where they go, the boys toppled them while daddy was in charge and he put them on the couch. This happens quite often. There have been a few times while I'm gone for a day or two that he does the laundry and then just throws them into a pile. So what's the point in washing them? I don't know. But I do love him for trying to help... it's just a little frustrating.
While I was doing that last little part on this post, this is what happened:
McKie decided to take out the desetin and wipe it all over Brensyn and then Brensyn wiped it all over his clothes. So this is the pictures after he got his hand spanked.

Okay to get back to the reason I'm posting, we're headed back to Wyoming. We're missing McKie's birthday party I had set up for this weekend, and we were for sure doing the garage sale this weekend, and obviously that's not happening now. This is our preparation:
Mine, the clothes packed:

And the boys, and spilling cereal right after the vacuum broke down:

I also took some pictures of the views that we have from our back porch. It's kind of hard to see with the clouds hanging so low, but it's still pretty good!

I wanted to take some pictures of Ansleigh's room before it gets re-done. You see, Jaran is going to re-texture the whole house... which means covering up the old paint and having to re-paint as well. I'll not be doing this again to the room, adorable as I think it is- so I decided to keep it in my camera memory. So here are some pics of the room, and my beautiful little girl:

By the way, the saying says, if you can't make it out- With a butterfly kiss and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one like a bug in a rug! I love polka-dots. They're so cute and girly. You have to understand something- I was the anti-girl when I was younger. I hated playing with Barbie dolls, hated frilly dresses, and my favorite colors and green following closely behind by blue. I swore that I would not force girliness upon my girl, but after having two boys, all blue and green, I had to make things a little girly. I dress Ansleigh in mostly pink, some purple, but rarely any other colors. I know one day I'll give in and do the green and blue thing with her, but for now, it's fun to dress her up. I'll do it until I figure she can decide what kind of girl she wants to be.
Alright, I'm sorry about all of the randomness of this post. Does it annoy anyone that my posts are usually nonsense? Please let me know how you feel and I will do my best to compose myself in the future. I apologize for the large ammount of photos, but I'll not be here for a while and I wanted to share with you! Also, this is the fireplace mantle. I need to update the picture of the prophet, but I can't quite bring myself to do it right now. I love the man in that picture, and it's hard to let go at this time. I will in the future, but for now, he stays!

Take Care!
PS- I feel a lot better about posting when I get a comment here and there. Kim- are you not around anymore? Why no comments? You keep me on my toes with those!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I thought I'd post some more of my old pictures. Everyone seemed to enjoy them. Most are from the "marshmallow night" but there are some others too. This is like the other one, but way more fun.

I think Adam is the only one that knows that a picture is being taken, and yet, he still looks a bit caught off guard!

Another group photo. I remember that we had a track meet earlier that day. The group one I posted earlier shows that I had a nice burn line. It was great though! Track meets were always fun. I hung out around the pole vault pits cause I still had a crush on Matt. And I don't remember, so if anyone does, why does Jordan have a black eye?

Here's a fun one. I'm not really sure why, but it looks like we're both high one something. Squinty eyes... what's the deal?

This one of Ben, I remember vaguely, he was talking to Bob, who was in the kitchen. Bob said something dumb, as usual;), and this was the result!

Okay- this was a fun night. A bunch of the girls got together at Kendra's house to beautificate ourselves. I will name us all. Back row from left to right- Nancy, Kim, me, front l-r Shay, Kendra, Steph and Kayla. If I remember correctly, we did some mayo in the hair and all sorts of weird stuff...

In fact, here is Kim putting some mayo in Kayla's hair!

And last, but not least, a stunning picture of Steph, this is one of my favorite photos of all time, just funny!

Friday, May 9, 2008

My girls

I would like to give an omage, if you will, to my girls Emily and Shayla. I missed Shayla's birthday, and mixed up dates with Em's, so here it is- my omage to my tallest and shortest friends. I'm not going to do a poem like Shay did for Em, because I am not as creative, and I'd rather just share some fond memories and pictures! I found these while going through my old pics. I also found the pic I told you all about of Nick Wilson on his mission, but that will be at the end of the post.
To Shayla, who was always a great picnic buddy, and there for me whenever I needed her.

My mom bought us both a wonderful picnic basket for graduation... do you still have that Shay? I still have mine, although we don't really use it much. I actually have two... I got one for my wedding.

But I digress. Do you remember our first summer together? Swing choir, and oh how great it was. Do you remember that there were only two guys? Jeff and Josh Wambeke? HA HA HA!

Then I stayed over at your house for a week and we weren't as great friends anymore- I hated your cousins who called their parents by their first names? Then we worked our way back together, and thank goodness we did!

Middle school was a rough place, and were it not for you and our new friend Emily- could I have made it through? I think not. Then on to high school where we became "The Outcasts" with Jen and went on to "stalk" the Lovell boys, one of which you married.

Although I guess he was never one of the ones we "stalked"- or was he? I have so many memories I can't even count, but I'll bet that you agree, the picnics were great.

Do you remember this picture? And what we did afterwards? This was the night of the great marshmallow fight of '01. Good times were had by all, even after I got the marshmallow smack heard 'round the world! Which, of course, Emily was in on.
Emily was in on most of the things that we did. The three of us had some super fun times together... ahh the days.

I still remember when you first came, Em. Do you remember how trusting you were of me? Ha ha, the cork grease on the hands, and the laser beams to keep us out of the field where I took the shortcut to my house? Those were the days!
And when we finally talked to into getting bangs... which was a curse to us all after you would come up to us all and fix our bangs for us? HA HA HA! Sweet. And who can forget when you and I got to be a part of the "Angels" in the "Anything Goes" musical the high school put on when we were, in fact, still in high school?

And then there's volleyball, when we'd hike up our shorts and flip our shirts through the collar, and make Coach Kay laugh? Of course, you were there as we stalked the Lovell boys, in fact, maybe a little more than Shayla! I guess I should be making a list of mutual memories, because most of my memories are with you both! Save a picnic here and a Lovell trip there. So I will compile a small list, by titles alone:
Leader of the Pack
The Roof incident
The Roof incident punishment
The Blue Lady
Girls Camp
Youth Conference (remember that weird Steven kid from Lovell who dug the bones up at the cemetery and wouldn't stop stalking us?)
My wedding- those super awesome dresses! HA HA HA

I miss you guys, and love you both! Happy late birthdays, and come and visit me soon!

Here's that picture of Nick. I'll have to find the one of Dave and do a double sided picture, just cause he's a riot!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Last night went really well! We made BBQ'd pork chops, pasta salad, corn on the cob and the punch that I love. Then we had ice cream bars for desert seeing how I used my last cobbler ingredients last week. The missionaries were very grateful to have something besides spaghetti! Elder Broadbent said that if you mention to anyone that you like spaghetti, that's all anyone ever fixes. Jaran said I should just make some pizza for them, but I knew that they'd appreciate a nice meal that's different from the usual. We had to bribe Kies to sing to them, but he finally sang "I am a child of God" with a little coaxing here and there for him to keep going. Then they helped Jaran with a huge block of stone we're using for the fireplace hearth and ended with a nice song and prayer. It'd been quite a while since we last fed the missionaries. I don't know that we've ever had them over to our home here in the boondocks, but I do believe that we had them over when we lived in the town of Three Forks. It was nice to have those young men over and think about all of my friend who've served missions, and the feedback I got from them all while they were out. In fact last night I was looking through some pics I got from some of them, and I'll have to say my two favorite pictures were from Dave Sanders and Nick Wilson. Nick's was him crouched in front of a shopping cart that said "Give a damn about your jam" and he was giving a thumbs up. I laugh so hard every time I see that picture. He went to Australia, and it was pretty funny to think that was on a shopping cart! Daves was him standing in a "superman-esque" pose in front of some foliage in a parking lot and there was a red cone behind him. That wasn't really the funny part, but on the back he wrote- "Me trying to look cool while the red cone chills out in the background!" I laughed so hard remembering all the good times that we had in high school. The picnics were the best. The three most memorable are the Castle Rock adventure, the Laundry mat adventure, and the one we had above the stage at the high school. If I remember correctly, Shay you probably remember this so correct me if I'm wrong, it was one of his last days in high school and he came and got us from lunch to have a picnic... so Shay and I carried our trays to the auditorium and we all climbed up the latter to the little loft overlooking the backstage. I think we had pork fried rice that day and I KNOW there were peas involved. Dave brought us some ice cream bars from home and I just remember how much fun we had. I miss all of that, so we need to get together and make some new memories people! Who's in? Since we were on the subject of missionaries, my brother-in-law Buddy got his mission call on Tuesday! He's going to the Nicaragua Managua mission, Spanish-speaking. Jaran's excited that there will finally be another person around who will speak Spanish. Bud's excited to so Jaran can write to him in Spanish and stuff. Jaran said he'd better start polishing up or he won't be able to. So I suggested breaking out the old Spanish book of Mormon and reading it. He said he's going to. So that' really all for now. I guess I'll try and do a better post next time. I'll also see if I can find those photos and scan them in to share you you all. Until then- take care!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good times were had by all!

Every Tuesday night at 8:30, some of the ladies from the ward get together and play volleyball. I went last night, and it was a blast! It was great to get some exercise, and even better to be among some friends and just have fun! I'm a little sore this morning, my arms are really bruised, and I strained my thigh a littl bit, but it was well worth it. Now I just need to get some potassium in me- so I need some bananas!
Today we're feeding the missionaries- for real this time- so I have a ton to do. It's amazing how NASTY your house can get in so little time. I can't describe to you how I wish we didn't have so much danged hardwood in our house! Instead of vacuuming, I have to sweep, which takes longer, and doesn't work as good! It's quite annoying, but it has to be done. And since we live in a desert wasteland, there is always dusting to be done- WHICH I HATE! So I guess today I will be miss Susie Homemaker. Not to mention the fact that I'm trying to do a bit of spring cleaning and get rid of some of our crap for our Garage Sale this weekend. Oh how I wish that I had a Genie to help me through these troubled times!:)
Well... I guess that's my Q to get to work. The fabric softener needs to go in now, and Kies wants more cereal. Take Care!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Boettcher Bash 2008

Well, this last Saturday, we had the supposed to be annual Boettcher Bash, celebrating Ryan's birthday. The last time we did it was actually 2002, so it'd been 6 years since we'd done it. This year, though, it was a suprise! It's extremely hard to suprise Ryan Boettcher... Cam has the hardest time with Christmas, cause he always figures out what he's getting(besides that year he got his leather jacket). So it was hard to keep this from him, and it took a lot of us telling crazy stories to keep it that way- but we did it! It was good times- minnow racing, everyone eating yummy pork ribs and their choice from the plethra(?) of salads. There was, of course, libations for those who chose it, and Jaran and I had a delicious hawaiin punch, pineapple juice, sprite mixture. Ryan got this awesome gift from Cam- he had kept the last two ducks that their dog Terrance hunted with him before he died, and she had them stuffed. It was amazing, touching amidst the craziness, and he loved it. We all had fun catching up with people. The minnow races ended with Maddox, my nephew, eating a minnow. Chewed it up and everything- hilarious! Not so hilarious when he started gagging and had to spit it out- wait, no, that too was hilarious! It was a great celebration! I wish that my birthdays were that fun, but mine usually consists of the everyday... keeping kids from killing themselves and others, cooking, cleaning- but a birthday card at least from Jaran and the kids. I can't complain really. I've had two great birthday since we've been married. The year after Kies was born, Jaran took me to Billings for and over-nighter and we went to the temple, ate at the Olive Garden and went to miniature golf. Then last year, he got me a video ipod, he said to make up for the birthdays that weren't so great! I'd have to say my worst birthday was the first year we were married. I was already overdue with McKie, and my Dr. said that he'd enduce me that day. So I went in for my stress test, and then they said that I needed to go home and call in two hours cause they were full in the maternity ward. So I did... every two hours they had me calling, and every time they shot me down. There wasn't room for me! This is the closest I've come to having the tiniest idea of what Mary must have felt when she was turned away from all the Inns in town. I was so upset that this was happening! Jaran hadn't done any birthday things, cause we thought we'd be in the hospital. He told me he needed to go to the store, and I told him I didn't want ANYTHING. I was so upset that I couldn't have McKie... not because it was my birthday and I wanted him on my birthday, just cause I didn't want him to be in my big fat belly anymore! I was so miserable! So Cam called and told Jaran to bring me out to her house cause she was getting me a cake from DQ. I really didn't want to do anything but cry, but we went anyway. After eating cake, Cam and I went for about 1.5 mile walk to try and get me started on my own, to no avail. Three days later, I was enduced and Kies was finally here! I've had some weird birthdays... maybe I'll write more about them later. It's time to feed Ans now so I'll go- take care!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What's wrong with me?

Yesterday, I woke up knowing that I was going to have a long day. It was Wednesday, and I had signed up to feed the missionaries on Wednesday. So I had planned to make pork chops, pasta salad, corn on the cob, steamed green beans, apple cobbler and a special mixture punch. I also knew that I needed to clean the whole house. It was clean a couple days before, but the boys dumped out the wood bin and got little pieces of wood and bark all over the couches and living room... not to mention all of the toys they had strewn about. Since we got back from Wyoming, I hadn't done any deep cleaning, so I knew I was in for it. I started in the kitchen, did the dishes, cleared off the counters and washed them. Then I dusted the cupboards and had to then clean the counters again. Then I cleaned the microwave, oven and fridge. At this time I realized I didn't have all the things that I needed to make the salad, or any cleaner for the bathroom, so I had to run into town. On my way, I saw Jaran driving home. He hadn't planned on being home until 6... so two hours early was a suprise. The kids and I got to the store as fast as I could legally, got the stuff and headed home. Jaran was cleaning the living room when I got there. I was making the salad when I looked at the calender... wondering why the missionaries hadn't called to confirm our dinner appointment- and it hit me! It wasn't May yet. We aren't scheduled to feed them until next week! I started laughing, told Jaran and tried to invite some of our neighbors over for the huge dinner I had fixed. Everyone was busy, so we ended up having a delicious meal by ourselves, and then just relaxing in our semi-spotless house! It was great... although I wonder what is wrong with me? At least I figured it out before we cooked the pork chops... so we didn't cook too many! And it's great that it's clean, cause Loyal, Jaran's Dad, is supposed to be coming this weekend. The boys got into the fireplace again today, so I had to try and clean that up this morning. I don't know why, when I am feeding Ansleigh, they seem to find the naughties things to do, and then do them. I also put them down over an hour and a half ago for naps, and they're still not asleep. I am so mad! I have put them both outside(which is our form of a BIG time-out because regular doesn't bother them)twice... and they still won't go to sleep! I need super-nanny to come and help me! They do this at night time too, and it's all I can do not to pull my hair out of my head! If any of you have advice- let me know! Take Care!

PS- Here are some random pics from the park!

Daddy pushing the boys REALLY HIGH!

Brensyn having fun with Mommy on the other side

"Driving" the fire truck

Ansleigh with her curlers... pretty much did nothing to her hair!

Kies "flying" on the swing

Daddy being tired with sissy

Mommy and sissy... Mommy had to MAKE Daddy take a pic... cause Mommy has none of herself