Friday, December 14, 2007


I sort of feel an obligation to write more blogs. Why? Because people have been telling me that they check every day to see if I've written new ones. When I check people's blogs, and there's nothing new, it makes me sad. So for those of you that read mine everyday- I'll try and do better. McKie has been at his Grandpa Rand's house since Wednesday evening, so it's been a lot quieter around here. He love to visit there and play with the swords. Real swords- yes! He and my dad get a little sword fight going, and he could do it all day long. I went over to Gardiner Wednesday to get some vinyl done for Christmas presents, and since my sister, Steph, is coming over on Saturday, I asked Dad if he wanted a little companion for a few days, and he did. So it's just been Brensyn, Ansleigh and I for the last day and a half. I've been trying to clean up a bit, but with all the vinyl to peel, I haven't gotten much done. I will try harder today to finish with the laundry and the general clean-up that it seems like always has to be done. It never stays clean around here, wether it be the boys throwing stuff around, or Jaran getting home and just wanting to relax, so he throws his crap around too. So between the three boys- there's a lot of crap to pick up. Ansleigh is such a freakin' cute little girl. She keeps me entertained on a daily basis. And for all of you wondering- NO ER or Dr. visits this week(knock on wood)! So thanks to all of you praying for our safety and health!:) I hope that you're all having a happy holiday thus far!

So I just thought that I'd add this photo- cause it's hilarious. It's probably kind of grainy, but you can get the point. Taylin, Kies and Kelden were on this ride, and it would whip them around the corner really fast, and they'd laugh so hard. This was in Billings this summer at the fair! ENJOY!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yet again!

This has been the week from you know where! Yesterday at about 5:30AM McKie fell out of his bed. He has an ear infection, and it's making his eyes crusty and his eyes were crusted shut. I don't know if he was trying to climb down, or just fell out, but whatever happened, it resulted in blood. I ran in there, knowing after the thump I heard, that he was hurt in some way. I picked him up and felt something on my back, and my calf. I turned the light on and saw that his mouth and nose were both bleeding quite a bit. After calling Jaran in, I tried to clean the blood up, and get his eyes opened so he wouldn't be so scared. The blood didn't stop, so I focused on the eyes, and finally got them cleaned enough for him to be able to see. After the bleeding finally stopped, both Jaran and I had to change out of our garments, cause they were covered in blood. They are currently soaking in some oxy-clean, and I hope they will come clean. Poor little guy tore his lip away from his gums on the bottom. It's not severe enough to need stitches, so it'll just have to heal on its own. After one day, it just looks like one HUGE canker sore. He rarely closes his mouth, and his lower lip sticks out a little further than usual. His eyes are getting better now that he's on some anti-biotics, and I am hoping this is the last of the craziness for the week! In the last 7 days, we've been to the regular doc three times... once for Brensyn to get anti-biotics and to check Ansleigh, once for Kies to get anti-biotics and once for Kies' mouth... and two ER visits, Ansleigh wasn't breathing well, and also to have Brensyn's head stitched up. So please pray for us and our kids... it's getting expensive;) and it's quite sad. Until the next catastrophe- I'm out!

Monday, December 3, 2007

If you have a weak stomache, don't read this!

This weekend was interesting. Saturday, as I was doing laundry, and getting some corndogs cooked for the boys for lunch, I heard a wail coming from the living room. The boys had been playing with the wood by the fireplace all day, stacking it and "making houses." As I turn the corner from the laundry, I see Brensyn, standing in the bin that usually holds the wood, head up trying to cry, but can't cause he's out of breath. As I look at him, I see a dark mark on his forhead, and knew right away it was a gash that was about to start gushing blood. I ran over to get him, and when I got there, the blood started running down. I grabbed a tissue and held it on there, as I ran, with him in my arms, to get some gauze from my bathroom cupboards. He's wailing the whole time, not wanting me to push on it, but I'm trying to stop the bleeding. So now, I'm holding him while on my bed, pushing on his "owie" and trying to figure out what to do next. I knew it needed stitches because as I pulled the tissue away to apply the gauze, I noticed some of the "fat" was coming out. So I called my neighbor, Lori, and explained that I needed to take Brensyn to get stitches, and could she come over and help me really fast. She made it over in record time, and I hear the door come open, and running steps to get to my room. She held the gauze in place while I put Ansleigh in her carseat, and got shoes and socks for the boys. I had to try and find a way to keep the blood from getting all over the car, so I found a big bandaid, that goes all the way around the wound, and held the blood in quite nicely. I gave him a sucker, which stopped the wailing instantly, and got on the road. Lori kept Kies for me, so it was just Brensyn, Ansleigh and I on the road to Bozeman. Yes, all the way to Bozeman with a bleeding baby! Jaran met us at the ER and took Ansleigh for a while so we could check in. So they gave him some medication that was supposed to put him to sleep- and it didn't... but it did calm him down enough so he'd sit still. Then they put some numbing liquid on a cottong ball and taped it to his head. After about an hour and a half- two hours of waiting, he got stitched up, and we left. That's when the fun really started. Whatever drug they had given him to help him fall asleep, which he never did, made him go crazy. We had to go to Walmart to get some Neosporin for his head, and he kept flipping out crying and trying to bail out of the cart... so I had to put Ansleigh in the shopping cart part and put him in the seat and strap him in. He cried most of the way home and finally went to sleep when we got off the interstate. Then we stopped to get Kies and went home. He woke up and cried himself back to sleep. Let me clarify- not so much crying and yelling/screaming/crying. It was great fun. I don't recommend it to many people. But we're all good now! Here is a before and after shot!

Friday, November 30, 2007

So I guess that I'm just updating, because I'm on here doing some vinyl stuff. For those of you who don't know, I have a vinyl letter cutter. There have been many things that I have been doing for aquaintances, so I have been busy. If any of you would like to, you may place an order;)! So Kies, Brensyn and I made airplanes today out of little pieces of wood, and the "guts" of some vinyl I was peeling. After a while, the plane turned into a sword, and I'm sure at some point, a gun. Kies has a great imagination. We went into Three Forks for the Christmas stroll, and on the way the boys fell asleep... so we didn't stay long. Poor little Ansleigh has been sick , and has lost her voice. It's actually cute when she fusses cause it's all hoarse. I hope she gets better soon, cause it's sad, too! Take care, have a great day!

Monday, November 26, 2007


We had a pretty great Thanksgiving this year. We had it in Gardiner at my Dad's house. Shelly did almost the whole dinner, and it was delicious. After we all ate, we took some random pics and then played some games. I was a little sick, so it was not as good as it could have been, but it was still fun. Friday morning Calli, Kalee and I got up at 4:30 to partake in the greatness of "Black Friday." We wanted to go to Target first, but it wasn't open and there was a line, and we weren't about to stop there. So we went to JoAnn's instead. We ended up getting FOUR CARTS FULL of flannel. That's right. Mom wanted to get a bunch so that she would have a wide variety of things to choose from. We already call her storage shed the fabric store, and now we have a wider choice! I also got some scrapbooking stuff there. There was a 20% off coupon that said it went toward your entire purchase. We did not see that it did not include door busters. The people at the fabric-cutting counter said that it would, so when we got up to the checkout, the lady said we couldn't use it. Wrong idea... cause Cam was there, and since they said at the other place that we could use it, we would get the discount. It was a long drawnout ordeal that made the cashier, I believe, cry. Sad, but we got out 20% off;)! I also dropped in on JC Penney and Target. It was a pretty good time. We got over 200 yards of fabric in the end. Crazy, yes, fun, yes- will I do it again? Most likely yes. Why? Because I'm a glutton for punishment! Here are some random photos!

This is McKie with the popcorn bowl on his head, waiting for more. Since he is pretty much pottie trained... he would rather not wear pants, just his underoo's and a shirt.

This is Ansleigh and Daddy, checking out the football game. She enjoys a nice football game, just like her mommy! Way to go Ans!

This is McKie taking a nap before Thanksgiving dinner. He loves that hat, and tends to take it with him everywhere lately... he's a funny kid!
I also got a request for better pictures of the boys from Halloween, so here you go! There are also some pictures from McKie's school party- it was great!

I got tagged by Emily a while ago, and I didn't know it!
I've been tagged by Cara. I guess I'm supposed to put 6 random facts about myself. This is my first time being tagged, so here it goes.

1. I have a lazy eye. Most people know this, and for those of you who don't- now you do! My niece, Kalee, has recently pointed this out to me because she never had noticed it before. I used to be VERY self concious about this- now I'm just a little bit. It's very annoying to me, and if you ever talk to me, you'll notice I don't look at you for very long at a time. I do this, so you don't have a chance to notice it. I never know when it's wandering, so I just assume it always is.

2. I have double-jointed thumbs. I can twist them into a way that it looks like they're VERY broken. It freaks people out, but I love to show it off!

3. My wedding ring likes to piss me off. First- I had a diamond fall out two days before my wedding, and we had no way to repair it because we could not find the diamond, so I had a huge hole in it the day of my wedding. I was getting it cleaned, and again a diamond fell out. This time we found it. It was in the bottom of the cleaner. Then the band had a diamond that was too small, so it caused the other diamonds to become loose. They didn't want to replace it so they just "tightened" it. It didn't work so we had to take it in to have them totally replace the band. We have had to get it re-dipped, and the engagement part has little bubbles in it that they won't fix. You see why... now the large stone in the Engagement ring is about to fall out because the prongs are too thin... so again we have to have it repaired. We have to take it clear to Utah to do this, so I don't know when it will happen.

4. I love snowmen. In fact, I collect them. In all shapes and sizes... anything with a snowman on it is great. I just love them!

5. I actually have two brothers. Some people know this, some don't. I have a brother that is inbetween Cam and Kade. He was born on April 14th, and died that same day from a heart problem. He had only 3 chambers instead of 4. I obviously never met him, but I still feel as though I know him. I'm sure that I knew him before I came to this earth, and I often feel as though he is with me. Some may find it ookey, but I find it very comforting, and I'm greatful to have him watching over me.

6. I have dental veneers on four of my teeth. My top front four teeth are not entirely my own. I used to have ugly, nasty teeth... but most people didn't notice so much. This is very odd to me, as I hated them and hated to smile with them. Now I like to smile and I am not embarrassed by it anymore! I recommend this to anyone who has problems with their teeth such as I did... just a gap in the front two, and too small teeth on the sides of them. Way faster and cheaper than braces! They are composite, not porcellin, and it is much cheaper, and just as great!

I tag Kim, Cassie, Shantay and Vyedka!

Friday, November 16, 2007

A little this... a little that!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything for a while. I'm horrible at this! I guess I will start from where I left off. We went the second weekend of October to Utah for our niece, Oakley's, blessing. It was nice to see everyone again! We got to visit with Karina and Jeremy, which was great, cause they weren't able to make it to Ansleigh's blessing. We also got to go and see Matt and Stina's new house. All of the brothers and sisters that didn't get to come to Montana for the blessing was there in Utah, so we got to see everyone. The blessing was awesome- Steve did a great job! McKie and Brensyn decided to be naughty during it, but the Spirit was still great! After the blessing we converged on Jaran's parents house and had some yummy french dip sandwiches and all sorts of salads. We got to be there for an extra day than usual, so it was more relaxed. Jaran's sister, Vyedka, got Ansleigh the cutest little headband. It's a chocolate brown band and flower with a rusty orange bow- perfect for the fall! We had a great time! For Halloween, we took the kiddo's to the mall. The boys were dressed as hunters, and Ansleigh was a little piggy. They were adorable!

Brensyn kept trying to go back for more candy. They'd give him some, then he'd try and get some by himself out of their bowl. Most let him, but after a while... I tried to stop him and he threw a fit! It was fun though. I made Jaran dress up in some camo, and I dressed up like an 80's chic with funky eyelashes. Then I made Jaran put them on when we went home!!! HA HA HA!

We took a trip to Wyoming last weekend for Jaran to do a little side job for Bart Grant via Steve McArthur. The rumor that we're moving back there has started, but don't believe it. If we do move there, it won't be for quite some time- so don't listen to it! I got to spend some time with Stephanie (Wilson)Coble. It was great to hang out with her! I wish we could do it more, but hey- maybe if we move back we can be roommates;)! We did enjoy our time there though.
Kies has been having fun at preschool. I'm glad we decided to put him in there, cause it's helping him out a lot. It takes some pursuading to find out what he learns each day, but I think he's learning very well. Brensyn enjoys his time with just Mommy and sissy, so we try and take advantage as much as we can! Ansleigh is getting so big, it makes me sad! I know it's going to be a long time until we have another baby, if at all, so I'm trying to enjoy it as often as possible(which isn't very often). Jaran is finally busy with work again. It's nice to know that he'll be able to have a job for the next few months. I've been doing some vinyl things for the Relief Society activity this Saturday, and it's taken a lot more time than I thought that it would. I hope that everyone will be able to appreciate it, cause it's been hard with all the kids! (If anyone wants anything done for Christmas, let me know now so I can get hopping on it!) So that's it for now I guess! I'll try and get some more pics on here, but I always forget to use the digital and always take pics with my phone! Take care everyone!

Monday, October 1, 2007

From Beginning till now

This weekend we blessed Ansleigh and so many people came! It was so nice to have so many here to visit. All but four of Jaran's siblings were here and all of mine managed to make it. We had a party Saturday night while we watched the BYU game. It was my sister Calli's birthday so we had some cake and ice cream after we had our baked potatoes and pork roast that Bob made. It was DELICIOUS! We blessed the baby Sunday morning and came home to watch some more football and eat sloppy joes. Everyone had to leave Sunday afternoon, but it was so great to see everyone. Well- enjoy the slide show!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Slideshow


Well, today poor little Brensyn had to get some vaccinations. It was his 18 month well-child check and the whole family was in attendance. They said they were going to give him four shots... two in one leg, one in the other and one in his arm. So they put this special "numbing" cream on there with a little band-aid to "numb" the area. Meanwhile, the Dr. comes in and does the history, checks him over and visits with us. When the Dr. leaves, the nurses come in to give the shots. "Would you like him on the table, or would you like to hold him while we do this?" I answer- "He would probably like it better if I held him." So I set him on my lap and they tell me to hold his arms so he can't get at the needles. I do this and they start. Well, being the smart people they are, they start doing it and don't think they need to hold his legs down. So he jerks away and the first shot had to be stabbed into him three times. The second only twice, and finally the second nurse decides to hold his legs. Then it's time for the shot in the arm... while he's wailing in my ear and flailing around... and they get it done with one poke because I'm hold his arms down. Then they re-stick the band-aids that were on there with the "numbing" cream... and they don't stick so his little shot marks are bleeing. I tell them he needs new ones, and one by one they replace them. He doesn't want them to touch him, so they smear the blood all over. I decided to just take a few band-aids myself and put them on. So the poor kid is traumatized for a while. He's been limping around all afternoon and evening and I feel horrible for the poor kid... and a little guilty after the pitiful looks he kept giving me while he was being tortured. What was the point of putting the stupid cream on? It obviously didn't help... all it did was get smeared around and cause the band-aids to not stick. I just wish that the stupid nurses would get it together and realize that little kids are a lot smarter than they think, and if their leg is hurting, they're going to kick and scream and move it. Hold it down people! So that's my story for today. Next time Kies is naughty I think I'll tell him to cool it or we're taking him to get poked;)! J/k everyone!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Okay everyone- we are blessing the baby on the 30th. Everyone is invited... and I hope everyone can come. It will be here in Three Forks at 10:00a.m. I am sure that afterwards we will be having lunch of some sort... although we probably won't have that planned until that day;) You know how we work. But that is the plan. Other than that- here's an update. McKie is now going to pre-school in Belgrade Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 1/2 hours. It's a nice time for me to be able to run errands with just Brensyn and Ansleigh. Trying to do it with all three tends to drive me over the edge... that is unless Jaran's there, then I do okay. Kies also likes to drive me crazy by doing things he's not supposed to do... like getting into the knife drawer and getting knives out or going into the garage and getting into the car and smearing lotion all over. This all happens while I'm doing things with Ansleigh, such as feeding or changing her. Brensyn likes to give himself black eyes. He was jumping from a couch we have in our room to the bed and didn't quite make it, causing him to fall and hit the bed frame with his eye. This is the third close call we've had with his eye... he enjoys scaring the poop out of us! Ansleigh's growing and it's crazy. She is 11 lbs and in the 97% in weight, over 100% in her head size(how is that possible?), and about 70% in height. Short and fat- just the way we like em':) She sleeps almost through the night... usually only waking up once to eat. It's nice... but there's the occasional up every two hours that totally drains me of life for the next two or three days. Jaran's just working and bringing home the bacon... and I am trying to do it all! Just keep your fingers crossed that I don't go insane, cause it's headed in that direction!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Baby girl!

Well, as most of you probably know, the baby is here! Little Ansleigh Mae Baker was born at 6:11 p.m. on August 24th, 2007. She weighed 9lbs. 3oz. and was 20 inches long. Yes, a fairly large child, I know, but we got her here! We are so glad that we finally have our little girl! We are all doing well, although Brensyn isn't sure if he likes less attention, but Kies "LOVES sissy!" I'll post some pics. She came out pretty fast, so she had a very, very bruised face. It's finally going down, but the first pictures of her are a little scary, so beware. In fact, the nursery had to put a little sign on her bed that said she was bruised so that nobody tried to give her CPR! She is a doll no matter what, and we love her!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Toilet seats

So can I just express my disgust for whoever it was that decided it would be a good idea to make a toilet seat that formed to your butt? You all know what I'm talking about- the kind that when you sit down, the back of the seat cups your butt and almost hugs you entirely too much. Even after putting a cover over the seat, I feel as though I'm far too familiar with the person who used the toilet ahead of me. It's quite disturbing to me, and on so many levels, in my opinion, unsanitary. It's kind of like walking into a bathroom and seeing wet marks on the seat where you are about to sit down. Sometimes- yeah it could be splashes from when the last person flushed, but most likely not. You know this to be completely true when you walk into an outhouse... that is, of course, because you CAN'T flush it. My last encounter with these types of toilet seats were when my husband and I had a all-to-rare date at the movies. Me being a trillion months pregnant means frequent trips to the bathroom, and it was not at all delightful to have to sit on something with other people's germs so close to my bum. That is probably all I have on that matter. Today marks three weeks until actual due date time. I was asked no less than 7 times when I was due, twice if I was having twins, touched on the tummy once by a stranger, and one person even had the nerve to tease me and ask what I was hiding under my shirt. For those of you who don't know- at this point- it's not fun to answer normal pregnancy questions, let alone someone who's making fun of you- so please refrain if you ever feel the urge to ask a pregnant woman these questions! Love you all, take care!

The gang

Friday, July 20, 2007


So, it's the July, and I am ready to have this kid. Just a month left, and it'll be due time. I believe that I am already as big as I was when I had the boys, so none of my clothes fit, not to mention the fact that with the boys it was cold, not hot, so I am out of season with my fashions. I put four different shirts on yesterday before finally finding one that would fit. And today- too short, have to keep pulling it down, but I don't care. What else am I going to do? I can't go out and buy a bunch more clothes for the next five weeks. I can't fit into Jaran's t-shirts cause they're too tight and cause my belly to itch quite uncomfortably. I know I should be happy that I have clothing to wear at all, but at this point- it's hard to feely happy about too much. At least this week we're in Wyoming, and I have an air-conditioned house to occupy. Jaran is re-roofing Grandma Pearl's house, so we've been staying at my Mom's. It's also the grand celebration in Cowley, so there will be a ton of friends to visit with, that is if we can handle the heat. And the fact that most of the clothes these days are not G-worthy, makes you layer, which is the last thing that you want to do in this type of weather. Have I done anything at all in this blog besides complain? I doubt it! Well- one good thing- our last appointment when we had our ultra-sound, they said that they are pretty sure it's a girl. So we got rid of some of our boy attire at a yard sale and I have a few bucks to spend on pink and purple! Not only that- but if it is a boy, we'll still have some stuff. If this is a boy- I told Jaran we're done. Three boys in a row and then trying for a girl isn't probably the smartest thing one could think of. It's making yourself a glutton for punishment if you ask me. Then again lots of people have done it. Well, enough rambling. I don't even know what this blog contains! Enjoy. I will try and get more pics on here after this weekend. Y'all enjoy your weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Shopping- the best medicine

Is it sad, I ask, that I can have one of the worst days- find a sale- and feel better than I have in days? Not sad so much, I suppose, as odd. I was going to the Smith's shopping center to get some dinner last night, and Old Navy's windows have huge signs sayin-"Summer items-50% off sale" So what do I do? Go to take a look. McKie has about 3 t-shirts, and then the rest are either button-up or Polo... so I thought I'd buy him a couple t's. But what do my tired eyes see? Something that I just can't pass up- shirts for $3.75? You can't even buy t's for that price at WalMart... so I got a bunch of stuff. Pants, shirts, all sorts of things. I felt like Templeton at the fair! It was a Schmorgasbord(I know that's probably not spelled right)!!! So I encourage you all to take a little time for yourself, go to Old Navy and guy yourself a nice new T! Ha ha ha! Have a good one!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Still no gender

This kid, I swear, does not want us to know what it is! We have another appointment in 3 weeks, and will probably take another look... but until then, it's still a crap-shoot. Those of you who have had children will understand my request- don't ask what I'm having! If I find out, I will let you know... if I don't- you'll have to wait like the rest of us until the kid pops out! So please- be a dear and don't ask baby questions. At this point I am tempted to make a t-shirt, or maybe one for each day of the week, explaining everything about the child in my womb.
Due date: August 25, 2007
Gender: Unknown
Reason: Not cause we don't want to know- just cause we've tried three times and the kid won't cooperate
Birthplan: Will try natural this time
Reason: Every time I get an epidural, my labor stops and I have to be put on pitosin
Planned place of birth: Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, unless the small one decides to come soon, in which case it may be a Lily Lake baby
Names picked out: I don't know... Cam kind of took one idea... so we're rethinking... and we never can agree on one
Child #: 3
Time between Brensyn and this one: will be 18 months- yes it's close, but we didn't exactly plan it
"You are going to have your hands full:" response- yeah I'm not stupid- I already have my hands full, and guess what? I'm sure it will get worse- don't say the obvious- it just pisses people off!
Other than that- it's not important enough to warrant a question! Thanks- and have a nice day!
PS- Can you tell I've had one of those days?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well, we finally got the internet today. After ONE WHOLE YEAR almost to the day, I can finally check my email from home, and pay our bills without having to bum off of someone's home computer, or take the laptop to some motel and hack into their wireless. I guess this is a mixed blessing, cause now I don't have an excuse when I forget to reply to a message. Now if I can only find my digital camera, I can share pictures online with people... although I don't know if I'll ever be able to find it. Brensyn likes to throw things in the garbage, and sometimes does it with objects other than diapers and trash. We thought we had him trained, but I often find foreign things in there and wonder where he even found them. McKie threw my glasses away over a year ago when we lived in town, and now I fear the camera, and pictures on the card inside (incluidng Brensyn's first birthday) are lost forever. I will update again in a few days. Our next Dr. appointment for the baby is on Thursday, and if they have time, they said they'd check again to see if they can determine a sex... so everyone cross your fingers for us! Later!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


So, today marked our second ultra-sound, and the little fart just didn't think that we should know what sex it is. Both times the people doing it said that they would guess a girl, but mostly because there were no dangling things to be seen. The first US we had, the baby decided to pinch it's legs together, and this time, the ambilical cord was right between the legs- blocking that critical spot. The Doc this time told us she wouldn't bet her house on it, but she'd say a girl. So I decided that I'm going to get some girl stuff. They said that they could look again next month if I wanted them to, which of course I will, but this is starting to get a bit frustrating. If you are reading this blog- please don't ask me if I know what I'm having yet, or when I'll find out. My next appointment is on the 31st of this month, so after that, there will be another blog. Don't bug me until then. I'm due August 25th... so about 3 1/2 months yet to go. I can't wait to find out- but I'm starting to think that will never happen. Better to be prepared I suppose!