Monday, August 16, 2010


Well, we had a great sale this weekend and got rid of a bunch of stuff. If you know me, you know I tend to hang on to things long after I should... so I was pretty proud when I purged the closet and drawers. Even now, cleaning up last night, I found some more stuff I'm going to take and donate to the rescue mission. Yay me!

I mostly just wanted to post some random things. Today while taking McKie to soccer practice... one of the kids asked... mom is this the speed limits? They are all obsessed with that, always asking, mom are we going the speed limits? It's hilarious!

McKie and Brensyn have been engrossed with hungting for toads in the field next to the house. They find a few every day, put them in the lizard cage and then we make them let them go the next day. Erik was awesome yesterday and took them out to the sandhills and they caught a Lizard. Kies has spent all of his free time playing in there and learning new things. Such as, if he touches it's head, it opens its mouth like a lion... and that it will purr if you touch it just right... and that it's a girl one minute and a boy the next. Super cute!

We will be going to Utah on Wednesday, and it's going to be the best weekend ever! Buddy, Jaran's little brother, is returning from his mission to Nicaragua on Thursday night. We are all so excited to see him! It's going to be great. It's going to be hard to program the kids to stop saying "bless Buddy and Zak on their missions" in their prayers... like it took a while to add the Zak onto it after almost two years of only Buddy. But they're getting really happy to see him.

Alrighty folks. I'm done for now. Need to clean up lunch and get Ans down for her nap and the boys settled for quiet time. And try to make Kies stop the creepy noise he's making that he said his lizard just made... for reals it's creeping me out! Take Care!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ames Camp 2010

For a little background, I have been a huge fan of camping since I was a little girl... in fact I can't remember a summer, well one when Jaran and I were sealed, that I have missed an Ames camp. When I was younger we would go for two weeks every summer. We went one year on the big horns, but for the most part, we have been loyal to the Beartooths, and the Sunlight Basin. I love it so much that I talked Jaran into naming his business Sunlight Homes. It has nothing to do with the actual light of the sun, but for the beautiful place I love. In 1988 the fires of Yellowstone did a number to the region, but the places that were once charred blackness are now green and growing. It's a beautiful place. We were lucky to get a great camper for super cheap and fix it up (see previous post) and we had a great time up there! We went up on Saturday afternoon, only to find that we hadn't put the kids' clothes basket into our camper, and realized we'd have to make a trip down the mountain in the morning to get them... but here are some pics to demonstrate how great it is up there!

So the first morning we woke up and made breakfast, the works, pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and didn't end up eating until around lunch time. Then Jaran went down the mountain with Ryan and Rozman to get the kids clothes, ice, a different bed for Cam cause the one in the trailer they were using was super uncomfortable and a few other miscellaneous items. We pretty much wasted time around the fire, the kids went and caught crawdads by the lake, and we enjoyed the peace and quiet. When Jaran and the boys got back, we started the secret agent hunt for the kids provided by Steph. Right before that, Brensyn got a mosquito bit above his eye... this was the result:

It only got worse, but those pics will come later. So the hunt was on, and the kids had a blast! They got 4 clues taking them to different places and they were awarded a bag of goodies, also provided by Steph! It was great!

Calli and Matt came up on Suday afternoon and stayed until late Monday morning. It was Matt's birthday on Monday, so Brensyn made him a card with his one good eye.... poor baby... looked worse the second day!

We did a lot of s'mores by the fire, the kids got dirty, and had a blast.
Ryan and Rozman cut down a couple trees so we got some great wood for the fire, and a play zone for the kids.

Monday we had our white elephant game and also did an auction of items to raise some money for John and Amee's gravesite to engrave and try and get a permanent vase beside them. Ryan served as auctioneer and did a great job! There were some great things!

Camp of 1977

Aunt Deana laughing at camp of 1977

"A great item here, let's start at $5 do I hear $5?"

We won this gem
My cousin Lance brought his kids with him and their mom, Laura, was joining them later in the week, so when Kealey wanted her hair to look like Cam's, this is what happened:

We took some group pics before Steph left on Monday evening, and had a lot of fun.

Ans and Me

The cousins

The girls and Aunt Deana


Cam and her girls
Shanda hasn't been to many Ames camps and decided to come with my Aunt Deana, her GMA. So she came, had a blast, and I hope will keep coming. We had some fun, and she loved fishing, even though she fell in the water and ran head first into a tree!

And now for a few of the reasons we go to the Lily Lake campground

1. The Lake itself

2. The Crawdad fishing

3. The super awesome Outhouse

4. Because you can look like this

5. And then look like this all in the same day without anyone caring

6. This is the view you get all the time

And 7. You get to spend time with your family getting bug bites,
cutting down trees, being pinched by crawdads and getting back and them by eating them, have a wonderful time fishing, falling in rivers, running into trees, winning prizes, smell campfire all day long, and not have to worry about showering and putting on makeup and doing your hair. We had a blast, and we all made great memories! That's all for now folks. Take Care!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sorry that I haven't posted for so long. School has really put a damper on my posting! I did get a 4.0 for the summer semester, so I'm pretty excited about that! Well, I'm going to tell you a little story about a boy and craigslist. This boy's name is Jaran. He is now obsessed with craigslist. He found some campers online and decided that we really needed to get one. We were in touch with a few different sellers, and finally decided upon this beauty in Colorado:

And here is what the inside looked like before the boy unleashed his awesome remodeling skills:

This is the upper bedroom

Close up of the kitchen region

The "living room" area

a wider shot of the kitchen area
There was painting, carpeting, vinyl flooring, tongue and groove and a lot of small things to be done. Taking all the faces of the cupboards off, all the knobs and hardware off of the cupboards, taping and things of that nature were very time consuming.

First order of business was ripping old carpet out and putting in a new subfloor, but this is up in the loft where the bedroom is after Jaran put the tongue and groove on the walls that had water damage.

The floor and the mess

Awesome purple and white... camo?

Blue and white camo in the bathroom... and the awesome wood paneling that is in all the camper

There used to be nothing here. Jaran fashioned a way to make a couch that pulls out into a bed... and we got a futon mattress for it... we will make some cushions later on when we have time.

The plethera of cupboard faces and drawers

Ansleigh chessing it up

finishing before painting

Sideways bedroom

Primer in the kitchen

The bathroom

primed bedroom

getting the paint on

The cupboards outside

The semi-finished product

The main area

With the cupboards on

new vinyl floor

new carpet flooring

The bathroom

The Bedroom
And that's it folks. I'll post more about our summer later. Take Care!