Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well just so you all know, I'm in Dallas. I will go into more detail and send pics when I have a better internet connection. Love you all! Take Care!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here comes goodbye

So I am going to have to be gone from my family for almost a month. When I was in Utah, I was gone for a week, they came for a week, and I was gone for another week... so it was only a week at a time. But I will leave on Saturday super early and won't see them for a long time, and I am not sure how I'm going to handle it. I , so had been planning on leaving on Friday morning, but Austin Leonhardt sent me a text Monday and asked if Kies could be a crown bearer for Prom, and of course I said yes. There is now way I can miss that, so I am going to have to spend a longer chunk of time on the road and finish the drive Sunday. I hope McKie does well, cause it could be either the cutest thing ever, or he could throw a fit and be crazy, but I think it's going to be great. We have practice tonight at 6 so I'm hoping it will go well! Wish us luck and I will post pictures of prom after I arrive in Dallas... oh that just made me nervous! Take Care!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm sorry I haven't posted pics for so long! This will be my picture post of randomness!

This is a picture of Jen Hessenthaler's chart. I help Ruby Harvey do these for a primary activity, and they turned out so cute! all I did was the vinyl, everything else was Ruby!

McKie's toe injury I mentioned in the last post. He was playing downstairs with his Dad's weights and I told him to stop. He had just brought it up to show me how strong he was and I told him to take it back down and never play with it again. As soon as he reached the basement, he dropped the weight on his toe, causing it to bust open and smashed it in the process! Grandpa Rand came over to save the day. He squirted some Lidocaine in it and glued it, which didn't last long, so I have been replacing the bandage everyday and had to cut the flap of skin off two days ago cause it wouldn't lay down flat anymore. Sorry to gross people out!

This is the lind of Easter Baskets the Easter Bunny left. Jaran and I explained to the kids why we really celebrate Easter, and I was suprised at how well McKie understood it. It was a great morning!

Just a close up of mine. We seemed to have "misplaced" our baskets from years passed, which means Jaran put them somewhere he can't find them or they got thrown away. So I had to be creative and fashion one out of a dollar store wire basket I've had since I had Brensyn- thus the smashed and sad looking thing! I thought the ribbons helped, though!

My Mom planted Easter grass and gave us all a bucket of it. This is actually one I took over to Shayla cause Ranee` Clark and I are her home teachers and failed to finish the cookie boquet we were trying to make her!

This is of Ansleigh after Aunt Calli got done with her makeup makeover. Those are her real eyelashes, just a splash of mascara to really make them look fake!:) She's so dang lucky!

This is Ansleigh stealing a drink of my pepsi. I try to keep the kids out of it by telling them there's medicine in there that's only for grown ups, but they don't listen!

I tried getting us all in the picture. We were all lounging in our deck chairs, enjoying a warm day- yes it was last week, not this week!

Here's Brensyn doing what he does best- throwing things. He loves throwing any and all things and usually does it to just make me mad I think!:) So cute though.

Well I guess that's enough for now. I will put some more on here later, but I've already overloaded this post! Take Care!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sad days, birthdays, and garage sales!

Happy birthday brother! Carl Scott was born April 14th, 1979. Today he would be 30! He died only a few hours after birth on this day 30 years ago, and for some reason I feel closer to him than I do other siblings somedays. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but I have always wondered, were he still around, if I wouldn't be the "milk-man's kid" as my lovely siblings like to call me. I happen to think that I have a very attractive family, and I know Carl Scott would be as well. It's funny to think of it now, but we've always called him Carl Scott, not just Carl. I wonder if it's because he never was able to be called by a nick name or called just by his first name. I told McKie and Brensyn Carl(yes, he was named after my brother, who was named after my Grandfather) a little about it this evening right before I went out to the cemetary, and I think Kies understood a little. We were telling him about Christ dying for us and that if we are good and repent we will be just like him and be resurrected and live with Heavenly Father. So tonight when I was walking out the door, he said "Mom, is he going to be alive again when you come back?" and I told him that he would someday when Jesus comes again. I don't think he got it completely, but I guess that means I haven't done the best job teaching him. I will have to do better!

Moving on from my sadness- sorry about that- we are having a garage sale at Cam's on Friday and Saturday from 8-4. We have lots of kid and baby clothes, toys etc., adult clothing and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff- so EVERYONE who is around needs to come stop by and check it all out! Jaran and I are trying to consolidate our stuff since we are packing things into storage for the summer while I'm in Dallas and he's living with Mom or in a camper(his idea) so we are, like I said, consolidating and getting rid of stuff we don't have to have. Cam's also got a lot of stuff... I know there is a papa-san chair, a little kids desk, crafts as well as random stuff. I was going to post more, but I have a headache and I'm really just not up to it today. But stay tuned for the post about Easter, McKie's injured toe and a funfilled evening at Pizza Hut! Take Care!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I totally just flipped out

I'm sure you all remember my NKOTB mania back in November. Well I was trying to show Vanessa a youtube video from the Utah show, and then took her to the website where I found out that.... wait for it... THEY ARE GOING TO BE IN DALLAS WHEN I AM!!!! I started screaming like a little Jonas Brothers fan and then started laughing hysterically cause of the look on Vanessa's face. Loyal thought I'd seen a mouse, and I explained that I just got really excited. I've been trying to call my NKOTB buddy, Rose, to tell her she HAS to come out there and go with me! Wish me luck getting good tickets! TAKE CARE!!!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

warning:: pics may gross you out!

Alright- does anyone even read my blog anymore? I think that I have posted the last three posts with only 1 person actually leaving a comment... which makes me want to not post anymore! Let me know if you read! So I played a dirty April Fools joke yesterday. I've never really been one to do this since Jaran played one on me 5 years ago while I was pregnant with McKie. I was at my sister Cam's house and he called me to tell me that he'd fallen off of a ladder at work and that he was pretty sure that his leg was broken. I didn't have a cell phone at the time so I had to hurry and hang up and "run" to my car with my 7 1/2 month pregnant belly, which if you all will remember I look due to deliver by 5 or 6 months, so I'm huge by this time. I jump in my car and am driving away when my Dad, thankfully he was at Cam's that day, comes out running and waving his arms. I stop and he gives me the phone. Jaran is on the other end telling me April fools! I didn't think that it was even remotely funny. Maybe had i not been pregnant or had a cell phone or... actually, no, not funny. I later tried calling him to tell him to come home and get me cause I had gone into early labor from all the stress he caused, but he only half believed me. I mean he had me so upset I was crying and breathing super hard, and I was sooooooo mad! Which brings me back to my dirty little prank. I thought I was pretty clever! I texted people telling them exactly this: So I got hit today while I was knocking doors. The kid was texting and wasn't paying attention. had to get 18 stitches. Then my sister asked me where I did it and I said by my left knee. She didn't believe me so she said to send pictures. I thought that she had caught me there, but thankfully Amanda's friend, Melissa, was there to save the day. She said- don't tell anyone where you got hit- and I said that I already had and that I said it was by my knee. She had a huge grin and said- no way! Then she proceeded to show me the pics she had on her phone of her cousin's knee where he'd fallen down a mountain and had to get 17 stitches. How could this have worked any better!? So these are the pics I sent to people:

Unfortunately, Cam realized that it was a right knee instead of a left... but I got pretty much everyone else. I felt bad doing it to a few and told them pretty soon after I started my story. I got Amanda's friend Micah pretty good, though. She was coming over so I told her and she brought a pizza and soda cause she didn't think I could get up and do anything. I felt bad, so I told her and she was so mad, but got over it quickly and laughed... but I still felt bad! I won't be doing anything like this again next year. Just pray for me that I don't actually get hit by a car now cause I made people worry! Take Care!