Saturday, April 26, 2008


The sorry is for Kim. She's always the one that kicks me in the butt to write a new blog. While I was at mom's it was fun to update cause I had pics. But all of the pics on this computer at home are old. So maybe I'll just attach old pics- that's still fun, right? Not much is new, really. Jaran has been working on the basement the past couple of days, and he has all of the basement framed! We just need to pour the new floor(cause the house has moved so it needs to be more level), do the electric, plumbing and heating, sheet-rock, tape and texture, paint, do the flooring, do the bathroom and install cabinets, doors and all of that jazz. Hmm so I guess it sounds worse than it is. The important thing is that it's started, and once Jaran starts something, he can't rest until it's finished. Upstairs we're going to re-texture and re-paint everything, so that'll take a while, but I don't know if we'll finish the basement and then move down there to finish the upstairs or not. We'll also have to re-finish the floors as well as install the tongue and groove on the ceiling. We do have a ways to go, but it's getting exciting to start. It was hard the last couple of days, however, to get the kids to nap with banging and clanging going on downstairs! Hopefully next time we'll be able to plan to visit Bozeman and nap and Kade's and Rose's or something. Not that the kids really take naps very well anyway. Brensyn always goes down right away, but then Kies won't leave him alone, and it ends up taking more than an hour, on average, to finally make them stay in bed and sleep. Then, if Kies wakes up first, he also wakes Brensyn up when he gets off of his bed. So we need to figure out a way to fix that problem. If they are in different rooms Brens always goes right to bed, so I get quite frustrated with Kies... I just need to realize I have a great life and it's not as hard as I see it in my head! Well... this has really been a pointless post, but it's for you KIM! I hope you've all been doing well! TAKE CARE!

Just for fun

More fun

The only pregnant pic I have of myself besides the ones on my old phone that I can't forward to my email... bums me out!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deep thoughts...

Okay, so you all know how I was talking about losing the diamond out of my ring, and how I had a picture at the wedding of me glaring at it? I found it, and I'm going to try and scan it and attach it!

This other pics is just to remind you all, cause most of you have forgotten, how nasty my teeth were! I'm so glad I got them fixed!

So yesterday was great. Being home has made the boys behave pretty good. When Jaran got home last night, they started being a little crazy, but it was still a TON better than what we had been dealing with. Even today- throwing all their toys around, they were still behaving a lot better. I hope this lasts, but you never know! I don't think that we'll be doing the garage sale this weekend, as Rose and I have some hair appointments. No not for ourselves- for Kalee and a couple of her friends for Prom. I did her hair and makeup last year, and she wanted me again, and also asked Rose to come and help. It should be a fun girls day. I will probably be taking Ansleigh with me. Although she only needs to have milk three to four times a day, I don't think Jaran would agree to keep her! We'll see, but I doubt it!

For those of you who don't know, I have two brothers. One just younger than Cam and just older than Kade. He was born on April 14th, 1979. Monday was his birthday. He was born missing a chamber of his heart. Today, this would be able to fix and would most likely be caught on an ultrasound. 29 years ago, however, ultrasounds weren't performed very regularly... so it wasn't caught. Both Mom and Dad were extremely excited that, after two girls, they finally got a boy! Unfortunately, he died a few short hours after he was born. His name was Carl Scott Ames. He was a perfect little baby... and it was hard for people to understand why it happened. For me, as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I know that things happen for a reason, and that I will have the opportunity to see him again one day. Having been in Wyoming on his birthday, I went to the cemetery to visit him. Of course I know that he is no longer there, just a place to go to visit and think of him. It's hard for me to explain the feelings that I have about this. I wasn't alive when he was born, but every time April 14th rolls around, it's as if I mourn his loss. Anytime I hear about a baby dying, I think about him. Every time someone close to me dies, I think of him. Almost everyone in my family has a child named after him. Steph's son Ryan sports his middle name- Ryan Scott... Kade's son's name is Carl Maddox, and my middle child's name is Brensyn Carl. Sometimes I feel as though he's watching over me and my family. It's almost feels as if I have my very own guardian Angel, and let me tell you, at times I've needed it. I'm just thankful for the knowledge that I have of the Plan of Salvation, the knowledge that, should I follow our Heavenly Father, I will be with him again. I know that before I was born I knew him. I know that my Grandparents are there with him, and that we will have a glorious reunion one day. I have one picture of him... but I don't know how people would feel if I posted it, because it was at his funeral. He was a beautiful baby. He and Brensyn looked quite a bit alike when they were born. I'm not really sure why I felt the urge to talk about this. Most likely because it's been on my mind. I'm sorry if it seems inappropriate to some, but I just felt like writing about it. I'm not even sure if some of what I said makes sense. I'm just grateful for so many things in my life, he being one of those things. Take care everyone! I love you all!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Home at last!

There will be no pictures for a while. Why? Cause I didn't get a chance to save them and bring them back home with me. So until I find my camera... you'll just have to be bored while reading! It's so great to be home. When we told Kies we were going home he said- OH THANK YOU! Both he and Brensyn have been so good playing today. They slept well last night, and seem to be so excited to be back. We no longer have the big TV of Kade's and Rose's in the living room, so they were content on not watching morning cartoons, and just played with their swords. Now, don't get me wrong, there have been a few naughty things going on... such as trying to get into the fireplace... but there was no mess, I caught them quickly and I'm in such a good mood that I didn't even raise my voice! Jaran and I cleaned up the upstairs last night. It wasn't really very messy, just putting away clothes and things, but it still had to be done. Tonight we are going to go through the basement... I think anyway. Rose is thinking about doing a garage sale this weekend so we are going through everything for that. Jaran told me that he wants to get rid of EVERYTHING that we don't use on a regular basis. So I guess we're really getting rid of stuff. I hope that the weather decides to be good, or we will have to wait until next weekend for the sale. Not what either of us wants to do. So wish us luck! Take care!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pigtails... for a while

This morning I decided that it was time to try and give Ansleigh some pigtails... and it was adorable! She had taken and bath, and her hair was still wet when I put them in. Then the boys got their bath, and I decided I needed a shower. My mom said she'd watch the kids, but I had to hurry cause Bob was coming to pick her up. So I hopped in. Not 4 minutes later, she brings Kies in and says- "tell your mom what you did." This is not something you want to hear! So Kies tells me- "I cut sissy's hair!" I wanted to jump out of the shower and scream at him- or cry... one of the two. So I hurried and finished my shower and went to inspect the damage. Alas- it's bad enough that we will probably have to trim up the rest of her hair and not have pigtails again for a while:( This makes me very sad, and makes me wonder what is wrong with my son. He can't seem to stay out of trouble for more than five minutes. In fact he just came in and asked for hot cereal and I said no, it's lunch time in a minute, and he went in and told Brensyn I said they could have some. It's about enough to cause me to go crazy. I think that I just need a small break. I don't really know what to do about it, but being in this tiny house has got to be driving them crazy too. I guess I need to be more accepting of the craziness that is coming out of us all. We should be returning home for good... well at least for a couple of weeks. It'll be nice to get back to normal... or as normal as we can be! Maybe once we're back he won't act out anymore! That is my hope and prayer. Here are some pics of the park yesterday- beautiful 70 degree weather!

Ansleigh was having so much fun!


Swinging on the other park swings

Kies, taking off by himself

This one's for Kim- pushing the cart

Getting a ride from DADDY!!!

I can't figure out why my mom's upside down!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Go Broncos!

We Love the BRONCOS! Aunt Steph brought back Broncos treats for the kids and they loved them! Especially Brensyn, who was so mad when we made him take it off. He has worn the jacket every day several times a day since... and always wants me to "Zeep it!" Thanks Aunt Steph!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SOOOO Naughty!

My naughty boy
Yesterday was a big shopping day! I guess the exclamation point isn't really needed, as it was not one of fun or joy. We had to go to Walmart for the necessary things... diapers, wipes, food... etc. Right off the bat Kies got in trouble. Someone had put a thing of Rolos on a thing of clothing, he found it, and opened it before we could do anything. Then he kept getting on top of the food in the cart. He also decided he would "sing"(which means yell) LA LA LA LA LA over and over- causing people to glare.
(The look on his face says it all!)
This just made me even more mad. We were getting ready to check out when I realized we needed to get lotion... so we made our way over to that section. Jaran was there as well, just so you all know. He had the cart with Ans and Kies... mine was full of food and Brensyn... who demanded to stand in the cart instead of sit in the seat. So while we were over by the lotion, Kies said- Daddy let's get some bandaids! It was the "feminine hygiene" section... yes, the "big bandaids" were pads. That was actually cute, and made me a tiny bit less mad at him. But he managed to make things bad again! We were on our way back home, but had to stop in Powell. I went into Pamida and they didn't have what I needed, so we went to the family dollar. They didn't have it either... but Jaran called and said to come get McKie cause he needed to potty. So I did. After that, we went to get some cards by the check out. We paid for them, and then got in the car. Not too long after, it started smelling like aftershave or something like it. It honestly started making me sick, so by the time we got to Byron, I was ready to find out where the culprit was. I looked all over the floor, nothing. I looked at Jaran's deodorant, not that. Then I looked back at Kies. I had asked him what he was playing with, and he had said- I'm not playing with anything... very convincingly, I might add. So I looked at him, and he had a tiny bottle of "BOD" in his hands. Jaran didn't have any of the crap, so I knew- he had stolen it. For those of you who don't know... he's a klepto. He's always stealing toys from his cousin's house. It's getting annoying- but now- he's stolen from a store. Once we got home, he was in time-out for about 30 minutes... standing up with his nose against the wall. I'm not sure if it really worked! So we have to go back today and pay for it, and also figure out a way to make him understand that just because he wants something, doesn't mean he'll get it!

This is the youngest picture I have of him being naughty. 1 year old, going after the baby.

About to hit Brensyn when he was a baby

This is not recent, but a shot of him in time-out

Another instance of him being naughty... got into the Eucerin Cream

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Pics!

So yesterday we went out in the hills and took some pictures! YAY FINALLY! These are the first family pictures we have taken with Ansleigh, unless you count the snaps we took at her blessing. We will be taking some more, cause the sun didn't cooperate, and we want to get some different shots, but these will work for now! I think they turned out okay- what do you think?
Then of course there's the one as our header to our blog. These are just some of the best... the individual ones of the kids are super cute, but I didn't want to bombard the page with pics, like I tend to do! So here's a sampling! Take Care!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I believe that I need to find a new picture of Jaran for the look-a-like meters, as the outcome of all three pictures are the same, and should not be! I will try and get him to let me take some. Actually, Calli is supposed to take our pictures as a family today- so we will see how that goes! This morning Kies was lurking about the fridge and came acrossed some pickled asparagus... disgusting, I know... but both he and Brensyn wanted some. So I gave them both a spear and- they loved it! McKie said- and I quote- " These are just my favorite mom!" So here are some shots of them and their treat:

As some of you know, Jaran doesn't like to buy things for himself... and he also doesn't like to pack many options of clothing. That is why he chose this ensemble this morning:

Lovely- isn't it? He only has these, what I would call, dress shoes to wear, and didn't bother to bring short socks, of which he owns numerous pairs. Not that the short socks with the brown leather shoes would work with this particular outfit, but it might be a bit less goofy! I can't bear to leave Ansleigh out of pictures, so here's one of her on the slide:
Take care!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Did someone say Picnic?

It's been so warm that for the last two days we have made sandwiches and had a picnic out back. Jaran has come home for lunch on both days, and it's been a blast. Also, today and Tuesday, we went over to the park. Tuesday it was pretty cold, but we still had tons of fun. I beat Jaran in HORSE and the kids got to swing and go on the slides. Today we spent quite a while there. Tuesday Ansleigh stayed at home with Calli, but today she came and joined in the festivities. McKie rides his little "Cars" trike over, and Brensyn pushes his shopping cart that he got for his birthday. He has a pushing fetish... it's quite humorous! So here are some pics from today- enjoy and as always- take care!

At the picnic

At the park being cute

Kies being a big boy- and loving it

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The other day Calli was looking for some VHS tapes to watch at Cam's, cause the small TV in Taylin's room doesn't have a DVD player. While rifling through them, we came acrossed some old home videos and started watching them. We saw Christmas '91, and then some dance and choir concerts. Then we watched my wedding! It was great, although there was not really any sound. Wow- Jaran and I were pretty hot back in the day! We were both sitting there telling ourselves that we need to get in shape and get tan again! He also had highlights in his hair... which he hasn't done for at least 4 years... so we're thinking about doing a test run with some highlights. It made me remember, though, the feeling of getting married, and miss the things I got to do. I loved going out and trying on wedding dresses. That, and shopping for prom and homecoming dresses, I miss! So I think one of these times I'm in Utah, I'm going to get either my sisters-in-law or some friends together, and we're going to go "dress shopping." That pretty much just means that we'll go try them on, as I doubt that any of us have a need for formal dresses. Unless, of course, one of Jaran's sisters gets married- then I'm all for doing a marathon with you! I LOVE IT! That's all I'm going to blab about today! Take Care!