Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The other day Calli was looking for some VHS tapes to watch at Cam's, cause the small TV in Taylin's room doesn't have a DVD player. While rifling through them, we came acrossed some old home videos and started watching them. We saw Christmas '91, and then some dance and choir concerts. Then we watched my wedding! It was great, although there was not really any sound. Wow- Jaran and I were pretty hot back in the day! We were both sitting there telling ourselves that we need to get in shape and get tan again! He also had highlights in his hair... which he hasn't done for at least 4 years... so we're thinking about doing a test run with some highlights. It made me remember, though, the feeling of getting married, and miss the things I got to do. I loved going out and trying on wedding dresses. That, and shopping for prom and homecoming dresses, I miss! So I think one of these times I'm in Utah, I'm going to get either my sisters-in-law or some friends together, and we're going to go "dress shopping." That pretty much just means that we'll go try them on, as I doubt that any of us have a need for formal dresses. Unless, of course, one of Jaran's sisters gets married- then I'm all for doing a marathon with you! I LOVE IT! That's all I'm going to blab about today! Take Care!

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