Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yes I am alive... no I don't have swine flu... yes, everything IS bigger in Texas! Ha ha ha just kidding. I just wanted to let you all know (the five of you that seem to actually read my blog) that I am doing pretty well out here. I had a rough first few weeks, but this week I stepped up and did great! I got my first multiple sale day on Monday and got 3! It was the best feeling! Then I pulled 1 out late on my b-day and then 2 the next day! I got sick the following day and yesterday... well Friday, was miserable, but today I went back out and walked about 10-15 miles with now sales. I am going to try to kick some butt on Monday though!
There are fireflies here, and they are so cool! My buddy Mike ran over a huge snake today, and Onkes(Matt) and Stowell(Matt as well) kept laughing and telling him to do it again cause it shouldn't suffer... and it made this loud popping noise and it was so disgusting! Hmm... what else? The magnolia trees are in bloom and they smell so dang good, it's not even funny. People here are super nice, so it's been great. The people in the office are all awesome, and I've made some really close friends here. The kids should be starting their trip on Friday with Cal and Jaran, so pray for them! It's going to be a long trip. Well I need to go to bed so I can wake up, go to church, go see my cousin and listen to his band! Love you all- Take Care!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey y'all!

That's right- I said y'all... but many of you will remember I said that before I got to Dallas! By request, I am going to do a quick update. Dallas is great, but I hate driving, cause the roads intersect and turn different directions and get me lost on an almost daily basis. The weather has actually been okay, save the 2 SUPER HOT AND HUMID days we had last week. There has only been 2 days that it hasn't rained, but I like it when it does, cause it keeps it cool. I have had some success, and although I get discouraged cause I feel I should be doing better, the people here who know what they're talking about say I'm doing well for a first year and that I am on the right track to kick butt this summer, so that makes me feel better. The people here are incredibly nice, and I really do love having this new experience. My Aunt Vi died a week ago and I made a quick trip back home, leaving on Wednesday, arriving at 2 am Thursday morning and going to the funeral at 10, spending time with family, driving to Billings at 10 pm, waking up and getting to the airport by 6:30 AM and flying back Friday morning. So I was home for less than 24 hours, but it gave me the boost that I needed. Being away from the kids and Jaran is hard, but I have an awesome roommate, Kristin, who is such a blessing to me. When I first got here they had some problems with apartments so I was put in with her for what was going to be a few days, but I have decided to stay with her until the kids and Calli get here the end of May, so it was a blessing in disguise! We have been helping each other through the first two weeks which were hard, but are getting better daily. Everyone in the office is so great, and the managers Ty and Ty are very helpful and willing to listen to you about anything you are having a problem with! Well, I need to get going, have some paperwork and then the daily meeting at noon, so I hope this was sufficient! I will post some pictures later. Take Care!