Friday, December 18, 2009

Over due!

I know a post is long overdue! Now that we have a camera, I will be more likely to post as there will be pictures to go along with everything! I will start with Thanksgiving. It was a stressful time. We had just moved into our a house a week and a half before and everyone decided we should do it here. So we had to shove stuff away, and it's still shoved! The night before, our sink started leaking and it had been backing up a bit anyway- so no sink on Thanksgiving made things hard! Mom and Bob, Dad, Cam and Ryan and her kids and Kade and Rose and Maddox came, as well as Grandma Fran. Dinner was good, and it was nice to be here since we have been in Utah for the last 2 or 3.
Next come Black Friday! Rose talked me into going to Bozeman with her, and it was a great choice! We spoiled ourselves and got a new TV as we have been using a tiny 12-inch for quite some time. We got a great deal, and it's a super nice TV. We got a new camera, and then a bunch of things for the kids. They have such great deals, but I was upset, as Walmart decided to do things differently. In the past, they do not allow people to get anything until 5:00 AM. This year, all but the big stuff was free game, which meant anyone standing in line for big stuff didn't get any of the little stuff except the scant few items left over. I had planned on getting McKie a bunch of PJ's and track suits as they were all $3 and he is wearing PJ's that go half-way up his shins. But, alas, I was unable to get as many as I wanted. So Walmart was crazy, then we went to Target, Old Navy, the mall (JOANNS) and then went back to grab 1 hour of sleep before returning to Byron. It was so much fun and we had a good talk and listened to a great audiobook on the way.

The day after that, Saturday, was not a good day! Jaran and I had started a movie the night before on our new TV and decided to try and finish it while the kids watched a movie downstairs. BAD IDEA! Why? Because McKie comes upstairs and says: "Oh you are going to be so mad at Ansleigh!" She walks in and looks like this:

Turns out McKie had done it because "Sissy wanted me to cut her hair." I cried for about an hour and decided I needed to fix it quick since family pictures were supposed to be later that day. I called up Lacey and got Madison's number so I could go get some bows and things. She saved the day! And Ans looks close to normal with the headbands on!

We have loved our new house. It has so much more room and the kids are a lot happier here. It's amazing the difference I see in McKie since moving in here. He doesn't get into as much trouble at school and he goes to sleep at night. It might have to do with the fact that they can literally run around and burn energy.... where with the last place they could barely walk!
We had a great vacation, just Jaran and I.

We haven't been on a vacation since our honeymoon 6 1/2 years ago, and he had a good month at work, so he decided since we have been telling ourselves for 3 years that we would take a vacation- we did! We booked a 4-day cruise out of LA. Calli stayed here with the kids, and we left on Friday, the 4th of Dec. to Utah so we could go to Jaran's friend Justin's wedding on Saturday. It was weird waking up without kids bugging you for juice or a cartoon... although Jaran got up at his usual time and insisted that everyone else should also be awake. We went to Kendra and Joseph's for a bit, and I got my nails done. I only do this when in Utah, because it's only $20! I love it! So we got to the wedding, and since we were there so early, I offered to help set up.

It's amazing that we were there early, as we're usually late, but kids tend to delay you, so we had a bunch of time without them there. I helped put flower petals down the isle and then helped make the centerpieces a little more snazzy.

The ceremony was nice, and it was awesome to be there with Justin and Amy on their special day. She looked beautiful, and you could tell they were both so happy!

Jeremy and Camary came and we had a nice time chatting.

Then we went back to the Baker castle and watched 300 with Jeremy and Camary, since she had never seen it before. We watched Loyal's edited version, so the bums and boobs were out!
Sunday we went over to Jaran's brother Justins and visited with him and his wife, Liann. It was a nice visit, and we watched a little bit of "Hoarders" while we were there. It was sad to see all these people who feel like they have to keep everything. One dude wouldn't get rid of his dog's hair that he had brushed off of him cause he said it made him feel like he didn't love the dog if he threw it away... weird.
So Monday morning, bright and early, Loyal took us to the airport so we could start our journey. While sitting on the airplane, a man dressed with a hat and many rings came and asked if he was in the right row... and low and behold- it was.... wait for it.... Joe Pantoliano! He sat next to Jaran on the ride to LA, and he was a very nice man. A genuinely cool dude and talked to us for quite a while. He was great and let us take some pictures with him at the Baggage area.

He was recently over in Iraq doing a documentary about how it's okay to talk about your problems. He suffers from Depression and wanted to make others feel like it's okay to share their feelings, as it has helped him quite a lot. So go check out his website:

Okay folks... I'm going to have to do another post about the vacation cause I need to go get in the shower before I have to go get Kies and run to drop some papers off in Powell! Take Care!