Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I love great deals!

So I got $64.93 worth of clothes for Ansleigh for next year for $16.49... a total of $48.43 savings! 5 shirts and 6 pairs of shorts! I love when I get a great deal... so if anyone needs to get summer clothes for their little ones for next year, hurry to Kmart! Take Care!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Accident Prone?

So in a six day span, Kies sprayed himself in the face with Pepper Spray, Kies hit Brensyn with a car flag and gave him a bloody nose, and Brensyn pushed his sister off the bed and gave her a black eye. Is it a chain of retaliation or is it just that we are a very accident prone family? I don't know!
Dance started last week, and I am very excited. I think the girls are excited too. I am working on making a blog for the team so that I don't have to send letters out if I need to tell the parents anything. I'm also trying to figure out the best way to find some choreography, cause I'm not having any inspiration right now. I think I will try youtube... even though last time I did it wasn't a pretty thing!
Sorry it's not a very interesting post- just wanted to update something! Take Care!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today I watched my step-brother and his wife lay to rest their little boy, and my heart is truly broken. At the same time, it makes me so grateful for the little souls who have been given to me to guard, protect, teach and love. Our Heavenly Father truly has a hand in all things! When you stop and think about all the things that could go wrong in a pregnancy and take away such a precious little life, it's obvious that He is watching over you and blessing you every step of the way. It is amazing to watch all of the different things that go on during a trial such as this. It brings people together and reminds you of all the blessings you have. It also shows how much people can care for you and want to help, even if they don't know you. Calli and I have decided that we have more people pass away in our family than anyone else! I know that's not true, but maybe it is just the closeness that we have in our family. In the last 2 years, we have lost Grandma Jean, Amee, Aunt Vi, Uncle Ron, and now little Kayson Robert. It's great to know, however, that those that have passed are waiting to welcome home those we lose. It's different to lose someone that you have known forever, and then to lose someone that you haven't gotten the chance to love, and yet loving them anyway. Marie told me what a comfort my Mom has been during this time, having gone through the same thing herself so many years ago. It seems that blessing can sometimes come in strange ways, and I am thankful to Heavenly Father for knowing all that we need. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. And thank you all for being great friends! I have realized how much I complain these days, and I'm trying to start changing for the better! I love you all- Take Care!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday party, painting and pepper spray

Happy birthday do my wonderful husband! We had a nice day, and seeing how it was Stake conference, and our children can't even make it through Sacrament without causing major problems, we skipped church- I know, don't judge;)! So I woke up and made Jaran breakfast of french toast and eggs with homemade cherry syrup. After that, I tried cleaning the house while the kids went behind me and messed it up again. I tore open my toe while moving the dishwasher to the sink to hook it up(it's portable) and while making some pasta salad, I was stirring the pasta with a fork and stuck the tip of my finger in the boiling water! GRRR I hate steam! Anyway- last night before I went to bed I made Jaran a huge b-day card and put up Happy Birthday signs all over the house. You see, if there is a movie on, it lulls him to sleep so I had ample time to do all of this. The kids made him cards this morning and it was so darn cute!

Daddy gave them big hugs, even though they didn't have pants on!
Then he pretty much watched football all day. While I got into the shower(finally) Kies decided to climb up on top of the fridge and get my pepper spray from Dallas. What did he do? Spray it right in his eyes. So Jaran brought him into the shower and we tried to spray him off, but he was spazzing out.

So Jaran tried to hold him down while I dripped saline into his eyes. Even after doing it to myself to show him it wouldn't hurt, he didn't think it was a good idea. We told him his eyes would die and fall out if he didn't let us wash them. So after fighting and yelling and trying to restrain him against his will, I filled up the tub and let him just lay in my lap and calm down and try talking to him rationally.

It sort of worked and I got some saline in his eyes. He has super sensitive skin and I hope that people don't think we beat him, cause he might have a few bruises show up from where we were trying to hold his hands away from his eyes.

He's fine now and super proud of his battle wounds on his face- such a weird little boy;)! After the ordeal was over I finished showering quickly and we headed to Mom and Bob's where they BBQ'd some pork and HUUUUUUGE King Crab legs for Jaran.

We had some guests in the form of family to share in with the festivities. It was super good, and we topped it off with chocolate cake from Costco- if you have never tried it- you must go do so at your earliest convenience. It will truly change your life! Jaran has been busy with the house he's building and this is what he looked like after painting all day!

Well I know that was hit and miss, but I'm super tired and it's time for sleepy time!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Super Sad News- Need Prayers!

Most of you know my step-brother, Dustin (Bob's son), and his wife Marie. They were expecting their 4th child and the baby was due in the middle of October. While visiting at Mom and Bob's house, they were having fun and feeling the baby's little bum moving around. Marie started feeling some sharp pains and decided to go home and rest. A little while later, the pains got much worse and they headed to the Emergency Room. They found out that her placenta had torn, and that they needed to do an emergency C-section, which she has to have to deliver her babies. Little Kayson Robert Acton was 7lbs 11oz, even being almost a month early. He was a perfect little boy with a perfect little face, but didn't get to take even one little breath. My Mom said that he looks just like their little boy, Kail, and that he was so beautiful. She said it was a hard thing to see Dustin and Marie go through, as she went through something very similar. Bob also lost a son, Rob, when we was young from Spinal Meningitis, so they both struggled more than most probably would to hold it together for them. Marie is now home, and her sister and mom are helping with their kids and trying to keep their spirits up. They need everyones prayers, as this is understandably a hard time for all. I hope and pray that they can make it through this trial and that we can all help them do so. Take Care!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Go Pokes!

That's right- I'm off to the great big open. Kade called a few weeks ago and asked if I would go with him and Rose to Laramie to sell his WYOGEAR for the big game. So we are headed out today, and as long as the trip is, I'm super excited! I haven't been to Laramie since 2001, and it's going to be a fun time with all the crazy Pokes! Can't wait! Take Care!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Till you drop

Well, I have decided to do dance again this year. Now that I know what more to expect I think things will be a lot more organized, and that's something we definitely need! Although, yesterday was a bit of a mess. I called Vana at the rec to go and get my uniform magazine and she said she would be there all day. So I left and stopped there first, and she wasn't there. So I went over to the school to drop off the sign-up sheets and put up signs, and then I went back... still wasn't there. We got out of the car and Brens and Ans played on the playground for a while. We were even there when the siren went of that they test and the kids were so scared cause it was right there and we had to plug our ears in order to remain hearing. So we were there for over an hour, and no Vana. So I left and called to give her a message. She called later saying she had some errands to run. That's why I had called before I left, so I would know if she was going to be gone. GRRR!!! Then Cam was going to pick it up on her way to volleyball, but she was running later, so she didn't get there. So I am going to have to go back today to get it so I can have the uniforms picked out by next Wednesday- our first get together. Wish me luck, and if anyone would be willing to help, I need a helper! Take Care!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hmm... Beware- graphic sickness language involved!

I think I might do what Lauren did to her blog and just block the pictures from being copied... Lauren, will you let me know how you do it?
So, yesterday, Jaran took a break from work(yes he was working on Labor day, is anyone surprised?) so I could go to Cody to get the shopping done at Walmart, kid-free. It was a miserable trip! Somewhere between Byron and Powell I got a large object in my tire, and when I stopped at Maverik for a drink, a man told me it was completely flat. So I went to O'Reilly's and got some green slime to fill it till I could get it repaired in Cody. That took some time and when I finally got there, the chic said they couldn't repair it with the slime so wet still... so I asked for an oil change while I shopped... while she was getting my info, a guy came over and she asked if they could repair it with the slime and he said yes... but that the tire was too bald to repair. So I asked them to replace it. The chic took my information down, took down the tire size, and I signed the thing and went in to shop. I got everything I needed and headed to the check out. I asked the man to do two separate tickets since I was getting things for primary, but he didn't... then I requested $20 cash back, and didn't realize until I got back to the auto dept. that he hadn't given it to me. So I told them about it while they were ringing me up. The total was only $40 so I asked if they repaired the tire instead of replacing it. NO- they didn't do anything to it... even though on the slip it said- tire too damaged to repair. So they said that I had to go to customer service to get my cash back, so I went up there and they said they'd take care of the tire. When I got back, they said I had to replace 2 tires, and I said that was fine, but how long would it take? 20 minutes, she said. So I told her to go ahead. She said it would be $140 for the tires. So I sat and waited... and waited... and waited. An hour and a half later, they said it was done. Half the time I watched out the window and nobody was even working on my car- I was so angry, cause by this time, Jaran had told me Ansleigh was throwing up. So I knew I needed to get home, plus I had a bunch of groceries just sitting there that needed to be in the fridge. So I went to check out and they said the total was $160, so after them watching me pace back and forth for 4 times the amount of time they said- and me saying- I thought it was only $140- they took some charges off and it was only $135. So I finally got home to find that McKie was also throwing up. Not long after that, Brensyn also started in on it all. McKie seemed to have the worst of it, but after Dad and Jaran gave him a blessing, there was no more vomiting from any of them! It was a long night, as Kies was in bed with me, Brensyn and Jaran were in the living room, and Ans in her own bed, as she seemed to be done with it. So I woke up every time Kies moved, and needless to say, I am exhausted this morning. The pukes happened about every 10 minutes per kid... and I estimated I emptied puke buckets 27 times! YUCK! But they are all on the mend and we are off to Powell to get some carpet cleaning liquid so we can borrow Cam's carpet cleaner so we don't smell like vomit! Sorry for the nastiness of this post! Take Care!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I just read about people taking kids' pictures and putting them on child pornography sites, and that is definitely not something that I want to take a chance of happening. I need to know if you would like to still be able to look at my blog. If only a few of you read it, it will be easy for me! So please, if you are interested in viewing my blog, please let me know by giving me your email. You can comment or email me at: thanks- Take Care!

PS- I posted 5 posts and I only got 3 comments, so I'm assuming nobody even reads my blog anymore!