Saturday, September 19, 2009

Super Sad News- Need Prayers!

Most of you know my step-brother, Dustin (Bob's son), and his wife Marie. They were expecting their 4th child and the baby was due in the middle of October. While visiting at Mom and Bob's house, they were having fun and feeling the baby's little bum moving around. Marie started feeling some sharp pains and decided to go home and rest. A little while later, the pains got much worse and they headed to the Emergency Room. They found out that her placenta had torn, and that they needed to do an emergency C-section, which she has to have to deliver her babies. Little Kayson Robert Acton was 7lbs 11oz, even being almost a month early. He was a perfect little boy with a perfect little face, but didn't get to take even one little breath. My Mom said that he looks just like their little boy, Kail, and that he was so beautiful. She said it was a hard thing to see Dustin and Marie go through, as she went through something very similar. Bob also lost a son, Rob, when we was young from Spinal Meningitis, so they both struggled more than most probably would to hold it together for them. Marie is now home, and her sister and mom are helping with their kids and trying to keep their spirits up. They need everyones prayers, as this is understandably a hard time for all. I hope and pray that they can make it through this trial and that we can all help them do so. Take Care!


SVKOFellows said...

Oh, I can't imagine having to go through that. Losing a child. My heart is crying for them, they will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Kylee Conrad said...

I'm so sorry for everyone. My hopes and prayers are with your family. All my love.