Thursday, September 10, 2009

Till you drop

Well, I have decided to do dance again this year. Now that I know what more to expect I think things will be a lot more organized, and that's something we definitely need! Although, yesterday was a bit of a mess. I called Vana at the rec to go and get my uniform magazine and she said she would be there all day. So I left and stopped there first, and she wasn't there. So I went over to the school to drop off the sign-up sheets and put up signs, and then I went back... still wasn't there. We got out of the car and Brens and Ans played on the playground for a while. We were even there when the siren went of that they test and the kids were so scared cause it was right there and we had to plug our ears in order to remain hearing. So we were there for over an hour, and no Vana. So I left and called to give her a message. She called later saying she had some errands to run. That's why I had called before I left, so I would know if she was going to be gone. GRRR!!! Then Cam was going to pick it up on her way to volleyball, but she was running later, so she didn't get there. So I am going to have to go back today to get it so I can have the uniforms picked out by next Wednesday- our first get together. Wish me luck, and if anyone would be willing to help, I need a helper! Take Care!


Unknown said...

Good luck with dance, I am too busy to help you out. Sorry! I hope you have fun though!

Ashley said...

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate!! GOOD LUCK!!