Friday, June 22, 2007

Shopping- the best medicine

Is it sad, I ask, that I can have one of the worst days- find a sale- and feel better than I have in days? Not sad so much, I suppose, as odd. I was going to the Smith's shopping center to get some dinner last night, and Old Navy's windows have huge signs sayin-"Summer items-50% off sale" So what do I do? Go to take a look. McKie has about 3 t-shirts, and then the rest are either button-up or Polo... so I thought I'd buy him a couple t's. But what do my tired eyes see? Something that I just can't pass up- shirts for $3.75? You can't even buy t's for that price at WalMart... so I got a bunch of stuff. Pants, shirts, all sorts of things. I felt like Templeton at the fair! It was a Schmorgasbord(I know that's probably not spelled right)!!! So I encourage you all to take a little time for yourself, go to Old Navy and guy yourself a nice new T! Ha ha ha! Have a good one!