Friday, June 22, 2007

Shopping- the best medicine

Is it sad, I ask, that I can have one of the worst days- find a sale- and feel better than I have in days? Not sad so much, I suppose, as odd. I was going to the Smith's shopping center to get some dinner last night, and Old Navy's windows have huge signs sayin-"Summer items-50% off sale" So what do I do? Go to take a look. McKie has about 3 t-shirts, and then the rest are either button-up or Polo... so I thought I'd buy him a couple t's. But what do my tired eyes see? Something that I just can't pass up- shirts for $3.75? You can't even buy t's for that price at WalMart... so I got a bunch of stuff. Pants, shirts, all sorts of things. I felt like Templeton at the fair! It was a Schmorgasbord(I know that's probably not spelled right)!!! So I encourage you all to take a little time for yourself, go to Old Navy and guy yourself a nice new T! Ha ha ha! Have a good one!


The Ames Family said...

Shan! I'm so glad you can update your blog now!! So I totally know how you feel about your last post... you know the one with the informational t-shirt. Especially the whole gender part. We went through the same thing with every ultra sound her legs were crossed and she was breach so we could never see what she was... and i ended up having four just to see, and every time... ummm i would say a girl, but thats becuase i can't see anything. BLAH! so hang in there, if you end up having a girl and don't have any baby girl stuff (because i totally know how scary it is to buy a ton of crap wondering if you'll have to take it all back), I'll come to your rescue! I love your family pictures, and your belly looks awesome!

Brennen & Cassie said...

Shannon! I didn't know you had this blog too! So good to see how you guys are doing. I totally know what you are talking about in regards to the Old Navy Summer Sale! I have hit that up a couple times already in the past week! Well hope all is well. Tell the fam Hi for us!