Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well, we finally got the internet today. After ONE WHOLE YEAR almost to the day, I can finally check my email from home, and pay our bills without having to bum off of someone's home computer, or take the laptop to some motel and hack into their wireless. I guess this is a mixed blessing, cause now I don't have an excuse when I forget to reply to a message. Now if I can only find my digital camera, I can share pictures online with people... although I don't know if I'll ever be able to find it. Brensyn likes to throw things in the garbage, and sometimes does it with objects other than diapers and trash. We thought we had him trained, but I often find foreign things in there and wonder where he even found them. McKie threw my glasses away over a year ago when we lived in town, and now I fear the camera, and pictures on the card inside (incluidng Brensyn's first birthday) are lost forever. I will update again in a few days. Our next Dr. appointment for the baby is on Thursday, and if they have time, they said they'd check again to see if they can determine a sex... so everyone cross your fingers for us! Later!

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