Saturday, August 4, 2007

Toilet seats

So can I just express my disgust for whoever it was that decided it would be a good idea to make a toilet seat that formed to your butt? You all know what I'm talking about- the kind that when you sit down, the back of the seat cups your butt and almost hugs you entirely too much. Even after putting a cover over the seat, I feel as though I'm far too familiar with the person who used the toilet ahead of me. It's quite disturbing to me, and on so many levels, in my opinion, unsanitary. It's kind of like walking into a bathroom and seeing wet marks on the seat where you are about to sit down. Sometimes- yeah it could be splashes from when the last person flushed, but most likely not. You know this to be completely true when you walk into an outhouse... that is, of course, because you CAN'T flush it. My last encounter with these types of toilet seats were when my husband and I had a all-to-rare date at the movies. Me being a trillion months pregnant means frequent trips to the bathroom, and it was not at all delightful to have to sit on something with other people's germs so close to my bum. That is probably all I have on that matter. Today marks three weeks until actual due date time. I was asked no less than 7 times when I was due, twice if I was having twins, touched on the tummy once by a stranger, and one person even had the nerve to tease me and ask what I was hiding under my shirt. For those of you who don't know- at this point- it's not fun to answer normal pregnancy questions, let alone someone who's making fun of you- so please refrain if you ever feel the urge to ask a pregnant woman these questions! Love you all, take care!

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Brennen & Cassie said...

Hey Shan! We are excited for you to have that baby! Do you guys have a name picked out?