Monday, November 26, 2007


We had a pretty great Thanksgiving this year. We had it in Gardiner at my Dad's house. Shelly did almost the whole dinner, and it was delicious. After we all ate, we took some random pics and then played some games. I was a little sick, so it was not as good as it could have been, but it was still fun. Friday morning Calli, Kalee and I got up at 4:30 to partake in the greatness of "Black Friday." We wanted to go to Target first, but it wasn't open and there was a line, and we weren't about to stop there. So we went to JoAnn's instead. We ended up getting FOUR CARTS FULL of flannel. That's right. Mom wanted to get a bunch so that she would have a wide variety of things to choose from. We already call her storage shed the fabric store, and now we have a wider choice! I also got some scrapbooking stuff there. There was a 20% off coupon that said it went toward your entire purchase. We did not see that it did not include door busters. The people at the fabric-cutting counter said that it would, so when we got up to the checkout, the lady said we couldn't use it. Wrong idea... cause Cam was there, and since they said at the other place that we could use it, we would get the discount. It was a long drawnout ordeal that made the cashier, I believe, cry. Sad, but we got out 20% off;)! I also dropped in on JC Penney and Target. It was a pretty good time. We got over 200 yards of fabric in the end. Crazy, yes, fun, yes- will I do it again? Most likely yes. Why? Because I'm a glutton for punishment! Here are some random photos!

This is McKie with the popcorn bowl on his head, waiting for more. Since he is pretty much pottie trained... he would rather not wear pants, just his underoo's and a shirt.

This is Ansleigh and Daddy, checking out the football game. She enjoys a nice football game, just like her mommy! Way to go Ans!

This is McKie taking a nap before Thanksgiving dinner. He loves that hat, and tends to take it with him everywhere lately... he's a funny kid!
I also got a request for better pictures of the boys from Halloween, so here you go! There are also some pictures from McKie's school party- it was great!

I got tagged by Emily a while ago, and I didn't know it!
I've been tagged by Cara. I guess I'm supposed to put 6 random facts about myself. This is my first time being tagged, so here it goes.

1. I have a lazy eye. Most people know this, and for those of you who don't- now you do! My niece, Kalee, has recently pointed this out to me because she never had noticed it before. I used to be VERY self concious about this- now I'm just a little bit. It's very annoying to me, and if you ever talk to me, you'll notice I don't look at you for very long at a time. I do this, so you don't have a chance to notice it. I never know when it's wandering, so I just assume it always is.

2. I have double-jointed thumbs. I can twist them into a way that it looks like they're VERY broken. It freaks people out, but I love to show it off!

3. My wedding ring likes to piss me off. First- I had a diamond fall out two days before my wedding, and we had no way to repair it because we could not find the diamond, so I had a huge hole in it the day of my wedding. I was getting it cleaned, and again a diamond fell out. This time we found it. It was in the bottom of the cleaner. Then the band had a diamond that was too small, so it caused the other diamonds to become loose. They didn't want to replace it so they just "tightened" it. It didn't work so we had to take it in to have them totally replace the band. We have had to get it re-dipped, and the engagement part has little bubbles in it that they won't fix. You see why... now the large stone in the Engagement ring is about to fall out because the prongs are too thin... so again we have to have it repaired. We have to take it clear to Utah to do this, so I don't know when it will happen.

4. I love snowmen. In fact, I collect them. In all shapes and sizes... anything with a snowman on it is great. I just love them!

5. I actually have two brothers. Some people know this, some don't. I have a brother that is inbetween Cam and Kade. He was born on April 14th, and died that same day from a heart problem. He had only 3 chambers instead of 4. I obviously never met him, but I still feel as though I know him. I'm sure that I knew him before I came to this earth, and I often feel as though he is with me. Some may find it ookey, but I find it very comforting, and I'm greatful to have him watching over me.

6. I have dental veneers on four of my teeth. My top front four teeth are not entirely my own. I used to have ugly, nasty teeth... but most people didn't notice so much. This is very odd to me, as I hated them and hated to smile with them. Now I like to smile and I am not embarrassed by it anymore! I recommend this to anyone who has problems with their teeth such as I did... just a gap in the front two, and too small teeth on the sides of them. Way faster and cheaper than braces! They are composite, not porcellin, and it is much cheaper, and just as great!

I tag Kim, Cassie, Shantay and Vyedka!


Kimberly said...

Hey, great pictures! McKie is a skinny little beanpole! You have such cute kids! I think I knew all of those 6 facts about you. By the way - am I the Kim that was tagged? How am I supposed to answer them? I don't have a blog? Anyway,thanks for posting more pictures. By the way, Hailey wants me to type the number four for you. Here it is: 4. I don't know why she wanted me to do that!

Emily Asay said...

I LOVE the first pic of McKie. SOO funny. I think I knew all those facts about you too...except about snowmen. Is that a new thing??