Friday, November 16, 2007

A little this... a little that!

I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything for a while. I'm horrible at this! I guess I will start from where I left off. We went the second weekend of October to Utah for our niece, Oakley's, blessing. It was nice to see everyone again! We got to visit with Karina and Jeremy, which was great, cause they weren't able to make it to Ansleigh's blessing. We also got to go and see Matt and Stina's new house. All of the brothers and sisters that didn't get to come to Montana for the blessing was there in Utah, so we got to see everyone. The blessing was awesome- Steve did a great job! McKie and Brensyn decided to be naughty during it, but the Spirit was still great! After the blessing we converged on Jaran's parents house and had some yummy french dip sandwiches and all sorts of salads. We got to be there for an extra day than usual, so it was more relaxed. Jaran's sister, Vyedka, got Ansleigh the cutest little headband. It's a chocolate brown band and flower with a rusty orange bow- perfect for the fall! We had a great time! For Halloween, we took the kiddo's to the mall. The boys were dressed as hunters, and Ansleigh was a little piggy. They were adorable!

Brensyn kept trying to go back for more candy. They'd give him some, then he'd try and get some by himself out of their bowl. Most let him, but after a while... I tried to stop him and he threw a fit! It was fun though. I made Jaran dress up in some camo, and I dressed up like an 80's chic with funky eyelashes. Then I made Jaran put them on when we went home!!! HA HA HA!

We took a trip to Wyoming last weekend for Jaran to do a little side job for Bart Grant via Steve McArthur. The rumor that we're moving back there has started, but don't believe it. If we do move there, it won't be for quite some time- so don't listen to it! I got to spend some time with Stephanie (Wilson)Coble. It was great to hang out with her! I wish we could do it more, but hey- maybe if we move back we can be roommates;)! We did enjoy our time there though.
Kies has been having fun at preschool. I'm glad we decided to put him in there, cause it's helping him out a lot. It takes some pursuading to find out what he learns each day, but I think he's learning very well. Brensyn enjoys his time with just Mommy and sissy, so we try and take advantage as much as we can! Ansleigh is getting so big, it makes me sad! I know it's going to be a long time until we have another baby, if at all, so I'm trying to enjoy it as often as possible(which isn't very often). Jaran is finally busy with work again. It's nice to know that he'll be able to have a job for the next few months. I've been doing some vinyl things for the Relief Society activity this Saturday, and it's taken a lot more time than I thought that it would. I hope that everyone will be able to appreciate it, cause it's been hard with all the kids! (If anyone wants anything done for Christmas, let me know now so I can get hopping on it!) So that's it for now I guess! I'll try and get some more pics on here, but I always forget to use the digital and always take pics with my phone! Take care everyone!


Emily Asay said...

cute pics--I love thte 80's costume...way cute. I can't belive how big Ansleigh is...she is beautiful. Are we singing the national anthem for the rocky vs.lovell alumni game again??

Vyedka said...

Your kids looked so cute in their Halloween costumes!! It sounds like you guys had a really fun Halloween. Are you guys coming down for Thanksgiving or Christmas?? I am glad we were able to see you at the blessing though! There is also a rumor you are moving to Utah Ü that would be fun if you did!! Thank you so much for the potato bag!! That was so awesome of you to send me one! I have already used it twice!! So thank you so much! It is super sweet and easy! A lot better than cooking the potatoes in the oven and waiting an hour or so for them to cook!

LAUREN said...

Hey, Shannon! It's Lauren (White)Shumway! Emily found me and I found you through her blog. Your family is adorable. If you're ok with it, I'll add you to my links on my blog. I'll be a stalker, so I expect updates!

Kimberly said...

Hey, nice 80's costume! Post better pictures of your kids. The boys pictures were so far away that I couldn't see anything and poor Ansleigh was covered up. Oh well, I still love you guys!