Thursday, May 8, 2008


Last night went really well! We made BBQ'd pork chops, pasta salad, corn on the cob and the punch that I love. Then we had ice cream bars for desert seeing how I used my last cobbler ingredients last week. The missionaries were very grateful to have something besides spaghetti! Elder Broadbent said that if you mention to anyone that you like spaghetti, that's all anyone ever fixes. Jaran said I should just make some pizza for them, but I knew that they'd appreciate a nice meal that's different from the usual. We had to bribe Kies to sing to them, but he finally sang "I am a child of God" with a little coaxing here and there for him to keep going. Then they helped Jaran with a huge block of stone we're using for the fireplace hearth and ended with a nice song and prayer. It'd been quite a while since we last fed the missionaries. I don't know that we've ever had them over to our home here in the boondocks, but I do believe that we had them over when we lived in the town of Three Forks. It was nice to have those young men over and think about all of my friend who've served missions, and the feedback I got from them all while they were out. In fact last night I was looking through some pics I got from some of them, and I'll have to say my two favorite pictures were from Dave Sanders and Nick Wilson. Nick's was him crouched in front of a shopping cart that said "Give a damn about your jam" and he was giving a thumbs up. I laugh so hard every time I see that picture. He went to Australia, and it was pretty funny to think that was on a shopping cart! Daves was him standing in a "superman-esque" pose in front of some foliage in a parking lot and there was a red cone behind him. That wasn't really the funny part, but on the back he wrote- "Me trying to look cool while the red cone chills out in the background!" I laughed so hard remembering all the good times that we had in high school. The picnics were the best. The three most memorable are the Castle Rock adventure, the Laundry mat adventure, and the one we had above the stage at the high school. If I remember correctly, Shay you probably remember this so correct me if I'm wrong, it was one of his last days in high school and he came and got us from lunch to have a picnic... so Shay and I carried our trays to the auditorium and we all climbed up the latter to the little loft overlooking the backstage. I think we had pork fried rice that day and I KNOW there were peas involved. Dave brought us some ice cream bars from home and I just remember how much fun we had. I miss all of that, so we need to get together and make some new memories people! Who's in? Since we were on the subject of missionaries, my brother-in-law Buddy got his mission call on Tuesday! He's going to the Nicaragua Managua mission, Spanish-speaking. Jaran's excited that there will finally be another person around who will speak Spanish. Bud's excited to so Jaran can write to him in Spanish and stuff. Jaran said he'd better start polishing up or he won't be able to. So I suggested breaking out the old Spanish book of Mormon and reading it. He said he's going to. So that' really all for now. I guess I'll try and do a better post next time. I'll also see if I can find those photos and scan them in to share you you all. Until then- take care!


Erika said...
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Erika said...

That is always fun to have the missionaries over, here in Utah for some reason we hardley ever get the chance, but if Jaran needs polishing on his spanish, just move back here to Utah... it is EVERYWHERE! Kev is picking it up pretty quick!