Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back to Wyoming

Jaran called yesterday and said that we are going back to Wyoming. So I'm getting ready so we can leave this afternoon. Last night I went to volleyball and filled the girls in on the news that we'd be going again, and they were bummed out. I think I've actually improved since I was in high school... or maybe it is the fact that we're all old, and I'm the youngest of us, so I seem a little better than I used to be? Who knows, I don't. But that's not the point... let me make it now- when I got home, my room was spotless as I walked in, then I turned to the couch, and found this:

When Jaran "cleans up" this is what I get. I had been doing laundry all day yesterday to prepare for the journey today, and I had piles everywhere on our bed and floor. Instead of putting them where they go, the boys toppled them while daddy was in charge and he put them on the couch. This happens quite often. There have been a few times while I'm gone for a day or two that he does the laundry and then just throws them into a pile. So what's the point in washing them? I don't know. But I do love him for trying to help... it's just a little frustrating.
While I was doing that last little part on this post, this is what happened:
McKie decided to take out the desetin and wipe it all over Brensyn and then Brensyn wiped it all over his clothes. So this is the pictures after he got his hand spanked.

Okay to get back to the reason I'm posting, we're headed back to Wyoming. We're missing McKie's birthday party I had set up for this weekend, and we were for sure doing the garage sale this weekend, and obviously that's not happening now. This is our preparation:
Mine, the clothes packed:

And the boys, and spilling cereal right after the vacuum broke down:

I also took some pictures of the views that we have from our back porch. It's kind of hard to see with the clouds hanging so low, but it's still pretty good!

I wanted to take some pictures of Ansleigh's room before it gets re-done. You see, Jaran is going to re-texture the whole house... which means covering up the old paint and having to re-paint as well. I'll not be doing this again to the room, adorable as I think it is- so I decided to keep it in my camera memory. So here are some pics of the room, and my beautiful little girl:

By the way, the saying says, if you can't make it out- With a butterfly kiss and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one like a bug in a rug! I love polka-dots. They're so cute and girly. You have to understand something- I was the anti-girl when I was younger. I hated playing with Barbie dolls, hated frilly dresses, and my favorite colors and green following closely behind by blue. I swore that I would not force girliness upon my girl, but after having two boys, all blue and green, I had to make things a little girly. I dress Ansleigh in mostly pink, some purple, but rarely any other colors. I know one day I'll give in and do the green and blue thing with her, but for now, it's fun to dress her up. I'll do it until I figure she can decide what kind of girl she wants to be.
Alright, I'm sorry about all of the randomness of this post. Does it annoy anyone that my posts are usually nonsense? Please let me know how you feel and I will do my best to compose myself in the future. I apologize for the large ammount of photos, but I'll not be here for a while and I wanted to share with you! Also, this is the fireplace mantle. I need to update the picture of the prophet, but I can't quite bring myself to do it right now. I love the man in that picture, and it's hard to let go at this time. I will in the future, but for now, he stays!

Take Care!
PS- I feel a lot better about posting when I get a comment here and there. Kim- are you not around anymore? Why no comments? You keep me on my toes with those!


nina said...

Ansleigh's room is adorable (sorry if I spelled her name wrong). I never knew you had such crafty abilities!

Kimberly said...

Sorry. I am alive. I've checked everyone of your posts and I have meant to comment because I've been so dang excited that when I check there's always something new. Things have just gotten so busy lately that I check your blog, think "I need to leave a comment" and then tell myself I'll do it when the girls are sleeping - then I have a million other things to do. So here are my comments for the other posts:
1) Fun pictures from the marshmallow incident - I'm still a little hurt that I wasn't included in all of that stuff! :)
2) I remember that makeover night. The mayo REEKED! I didn't even put any in mine - just did it for everyone else!
3)Ansleigh's room is so cute! Is her room the one that we stayed in when we visited? I wish I had thought of polka dots when I did the girls rooms (although I do like their rooms like they are).
4) I'm pumped that you are headed back to Wyoming. We'll be there in a few weeks for the baby blessing (for Hill's little guy) - so hopefully you'll be at that!
5) If you're going to be in Wyoming for that then I absolutely NEED you to come to a spa party that I'm hosting. You don't even have to buy anything - just come!

Does this book of comments make up for the lack of comments lately? Thanks for posting so much - I love looking at it! I don't care if it's random stuff, it's fun!

J to the Nessa said...

Hey- I'm blogging now but don't put me on your list of blogs because I don't want certain crazy people looking at my blog. Mmmkay. Why are you going back to Wyoming? Hope all is well.

~K.R.I.S.T.I.N~ said...

Hey why aren't I one of your blogging friends..come on woman!! ha ha jk. I like to read your blogs actually, and when it gets to random i think thats what makes it the most fun. seriously, i always laugh when i read people's blogs and they just jump around, keep doin it, it's much cooler! ha ha!!

Ruthann said...

happy birthday on the 19th shannon hope you have a very special day . I love you...give everyone hugs and kisses. ruth ann

Erika said...

Happy Birthday yesturday Shan! I hope you had a special day!