Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

May 22nd was McKie's 4th birthday. We had plans to have a BBQ in Cowley Thursday night, but the weather wouldn't allow it, and since it was supposed to be bad weather the rest of the week, we decided to go home for the weekend. So we called up Calli, Steph, Jonny and Erica to do an impromptu party in Billings at Chucky Cheese on the way home. It was a BLAST! Not only for the kids, but for us "grown ups" too.

Here are the boys watching the show.
So we got a bunch of tokens for the kids. Maddox ended up coming with Steph, so we had 4 big boys who could play games and ride the little rides. Then we realized that we also could use some tokens to play games. We let the kids go play until the pizza got there, then had to talk them into coming back to eat.

After they had eaten, we let them go back to play, and we also went and played some basketball, Jonny was the winner there, and then it was time for cake and presents. Calli took a bunch of pictures, so I'll have to get those and post them later.

Kies got a Spiderman bike from us, a spiderman motorcycle toy and stickers from Jonny, Erica, Jacob and Kyson, and a shirt from Steph that has glow in the dark foot prints, which probably got the biggest reaction for some crazy reason.

(Maddox was following just waiting for a chance to ride the new bike!)
Then they went back, used up their tokens and decided to keep playing. Here's Brensyn crawling up into the basketball game to get the balls... he wasn't worried that he didn't get tickets!

Here's Ansleigh, tuckered out from the long day of bells and VERY LOUD MUSIC!

It was probably one of the best birthday celebrations that we've been involved in, and it really wasn't that expensive. We will be going to Chucky Cheese's more often to tire the kids out;)! We had a ton of fun!
On a different note, my Step-mom Shelly is extremely sick in the hospital. She is on a vent(breathing tube), has two chest tubes, and multiple infections that she can't seem to get rid of right now. We can use all of the prayers you can manage, so please, use your faith and help us out! Thanks everyone- Take Care!


Vyedka said...

It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I wish we could have been there! Tell Kies Happy Birthday from us! I am sorry to hear about your step Mom, she will be in our prayers, let us know if you guys are going to fast for her so we can fast for her as well.

Kimberly said...

Hey, what a fun post. And what a great idea for a party. Hailey keeps saying we need to go to Chucky Cheese's, but I don't think she even knows what that is! Are you guys going back down to Cowley? I hope so, we're headed to Lovell on Thursday.

nina said...

Chucky Cheese is a lot of fun, but it sure can get crazy. My husband and I took our girls there the other day and he said "Now I know why my mom was the only one who ever took us to chucky cheese!"

Ranee` said...

Question...what would your husband charge to finish mudding, then texture and paint a room and build a doorway...i'm getting impatient...! ;)

Kimberly said...

Time for something new! If you don't have anything you could blog about how you missed your best friend/cousin's spa party and sister's baby blessing and didn't get to low light her hair and how it has now thrown you into a dark depressions. J/K! :)