Monday, March 10, 2008

Everyone forgot!

We were planning on going to church in Byron yesterday. We woke up at what Mom said was 7 something and went out and fed the kids and just pooped around. Then I answered the phone and figured that I better find out what time it was so I could start getting ready. It was 9:21! Church starts there at 9:30 so I knew we wouldn't make it. I remembered that it was daylight savings, and figured that everyone else knew- but everyone forgot! So we got roped into going over to the house in Byron and working on a Sunday. The appraiser is coming today, so we needed to get as much done as possible, seeing how we thought we had more time before she was coming. I painted the upstairs bathroom and got the downstairs bathroom ready for painting. Nancy came over and we ended up going to eat at Chinese for lunch. After that we had to go to Blair's and get some milk seeing how we need a cow to keep up with our milk intake. When we were done in Powell, Nancy took the boys over to her house so they could nap while I put the second coat on the bathroom. Only Brensyn napped. They all walked over to the house and while I was putting the tape on the downstairs bathroom fixtures, Brensyn wandered off. Mom and Bob were outside, but didn't notice he was gone. So we had another "Brensyn's lost" scare. They have a waterfall outside, and there was a bit of water in the pond part, so everyone was nervous that he'd fallen in... but he had just wandered off down the street. We are going to have to put a leash on that kid... well when Jaran and I aren't in charge anyway. I figured he'd gone over to Erik and Lacey Bassett's but he'd just walked down the street a little. If we'd just called his name loudly, we would have found him right away. But it's not easy to notice such a small thing out in the big wilderness;)! Well, I had better go, sounds like the boys aren't eating their cereal like they're supposed to... and yes- I realize we broke the Sabbath in at least three ways- but when you're with my Mom and Bob, that happens too frequently. Sorry to set such a bad example. I promise I'll work on it! Here are some random pics-

Kies being a Lion

Ansleigh with the pirate hat on

Brensyn with his crazy ears



nina said...

All you have to do to prevent breaking the Sabbath in the future is have a really good family home evening lesson on it and what all the things are that mean your breaking the sabbath (going to the store, camping, working, etc). THEN... when you try to break it your kids will say (with a whine) "Mom... but that's breaking the Sabbath!" You'll feel so guilty that your going against what you taught your kids, that you'll stop dead in your tracks. Yeah, it happens to me all the time. :) It's not so easy to practice what we preach is it? Ha Ha, don't you love being a parent?

Kimberly said...

Scary time on Sunday. My first thought when you said Brensyn was lost again was "Oh no, the ditch." Then I remembered there wouldn't be water in it. So I'm coming to Lovell on Thursday. Are you busy?