Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Our Easter festivities started out with and Easter egg "hunt" on Saturday morning at the park in Byron. I say "hunt" because all they do is throw a bunch of eggs on the ground and let the kids go pick them up. What has happened? No hunts, just a bunch of strewn about eggs... oh well- the kids LOVED IT! (As did Jaran!) I wish I could have gotten picture of Kade with Maddox! He was running so fast that Maddox's legs barely touched ground!

Once we were done there, the kids all played at Cam's house, and had a blast climbing the trees and jumping on the tramp and just getting dirty, like kids love to do.

Jaran and I took the kids home for naps, and then went to the park to play. We had fun, but I didn't remember to take the camera, so no pics of that. When we came back, we were freezing, so we made some hot chocolate, and then some pizza for dinner... while I boiled eggs for the kids to decorate. We didn't have time for the decorating, so we'll have to do that today. But this morning, the kids woke up, and were pumped to find they had treats!

Now they're out flying their kites, so I had better go take some pics! Take care!


Kimberly said...

Hey, I'm so jealous! This whole past week I've been feeling "homesick" wanting to go home for Easter. I loved hunting Easter eggs in Byron (after decorating them at Gma Fran's) and then having all the cousins go to Grandma's and we'd have a lunch or dinner and get sick off of the hardboiled eggs we'd found. Anyway, I really really wanted Hailey to be able to do that this year, I know she would have loved it. And she could have done it with her cousins just like I did. Anyway, going back for the third weekend in a row was not something I thought I could handle. Not to mention my mom and Danen's mom aren't even in town. Anyway, those are such fun pictures and I wish we could have been there!

Lauren said...

Love the Egg hunt. :) I can't believe that they still have that around in Byron. Your kids are so cute! Have you found a place to rent yet?

Vyedka said...

Super cute pictures! It sounds like it was a lot of fun! I love the picture of Ansleigh with that cute brown/orange bow in her hair!

Erika said...

How fun! What a beautiful family you have! Ohh I miss you guys! I wish we could see more of you! It looks like you had a great easter!