Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Randomness... from me? NEVER!

I just have some random things in my head, and I'm bored since the kids have been behaving for the past 3.2 minutes... so I'll write a blog. Well, that and I've read some other blogs this morning that make me think of different things. After reading Emily's blog- I realize how much I miss my friends from high school that I haven't kept in touch with. These people include Adam, Dave Sanders, pretty much all my Lovell friends(Ranae, you are one of these people) and countless others. I wish they had more than just a 10 year reunion with your one class from your one school. Don't you wish it would be a Rocky/Lovell reunion for the few years around the time we graduated? Maybe only a few of you agree with this. It's weird, as I look back, to think of how many different "sets" of friends I had. There were Shay, Em and Kendra kind of in one group, Steph, Jen, Autumn, Beth in another... the "Lovell guys" the "Lovell girls" the "Cody guys" and then a whole group of people from Powell that I did things with. There were some other people in high school that I considered friends that I didn't really hang out with so much as I knew around school and they didn't hate me... ha ha ha. Maybe one day we can make a day for us to all get together. Or maybe we need to set up a big blog for everyone to get on and update what's going on with them, and when they'll be around to do things with. I don't know. It probably also has to do with the fact that I'm in Cowley seeing things that remind me of the good old days. Some people hated high school. I hated the school part of things- but loved the social part. I mean- who doesn't love the roof incident? All involved can say how much fun it was, and how we'll never forget it. And- for punishment(although the Rocky kids involved were never asked to officially)- we helped with the Lovell elementary's field day. It was a blast, and we got to hang out and not get in trouble for being out of school... not much of a punishment if you ask me! I wish I were at home so I could post some pictures. I don't know if you all remember this or not- but one time we all gathered at my house in Byron and took some random pics before heading out to the sandhills for a bonfire. At the bonfire we were supposed to roast marshmellows, but instead had a huge marshmellow war... which I believe ended when I got a marshmellow to the face from Spence McArthur! Do you remember how loud it was? It really didn't hurt- but it sounded like it should have knocked my head off! We used to do so many fun things like that. Let's get together and do it again! Any of you who feel the urge to go do something fun- let me know and we'll plan it! I'm done rambling for now... but here are some things to think back on~~~ music festivals~~~ rival football and basketball games~~~ State basketball and dance~~~ State track~~~ youth conferences~~~ grad night out(Javid humping the floor to "Like a Virgin")~~~ wrestling~~~ musicals~~~ prom. That's enough for now. I love you all! Take care!


Kimberly said...

I'm extremely hurt that I wasn't included in any of those groups of friends. :(

Emily Asay said...

HA HA HA I TOTALLY remember remember Spence hitting you with the marshmallow and the really loud sound it made. Its was like time stood still when it hit, it was so loud. So funny. I was laughing out loud when I read your post. That makes me so bad want to get together with everyone again...I miss laughing with you guys. And I TOTALLY agree on having a Lovell/Rocky reunion because we hung out with Lovell kids more than Rocky (well losers like me I guess :)) Anyway, I have to add a few things to your list of randomness of high school memories:
*that one foreign exchange student in Beotcher's algebra class that like knew more about algebra than mr. beotcher,
*kendra puking after we got caught on the roof because ...well i don't know why...and jordan trying to "console her"
*going to lovell and watching the fball team practice when we hate late vball practice
*going to lovell at lunch
*going to lovell ALL the time
*there's so many more...i'm going to make a post of these...i don't remember javid humping the ground during grad nite out though..i wish someone had video taped grad nite out...some of my best memories are of that nite