Friday, March 21, 2008


I am telling this story, because my good friend, Ranee, told about hers! I can't even remember if I've ever told anyone this story, but it's great! It had been a while since Jaran and I had decided to get married. I already had my wedding dress, our bridesmaids dresses, his and his groomsmen tuxes, and of course my mom had gone overboard with the decorations... and yet still no official proposal or ring. :( Yes quite sad! We were in Utah for... Mother's day I believe... so it was about a month before we were supposed to be married! It had taken quite a while for him to find the perfect ring- price, style, etc.- so that was his excuse. I knew that he had finally found one on the day that I bought the bridesmaids dresses, because he had borrowed the CTR ring that I wore on my left ring finger for sizing purposes... yes we were at the same location. He had told me that he was getting the engagement band specially made, cause he knew that I was a fan of the wider band... so I kept waiting. When we got to Utah, I knew he had finally received the ring, cause I had seen the boxes in his closet... so I told him he should show his mom. He looked at me, and serious as can be, said-"I forgot them in Bozeman!" I believed him as he went on and on about how he had put them in his duffel bag, and then decided to take a suitcase and forgot them inside. I was, of course, upset as I was hoping to finally have a ring and be engaged! So I was a little mopey that day. He said he was sorry, and that we should go take a hiking trip and forget about it. So we started driving to Bountiful... up the hill... and behind the temple... to a little place where the hills looked over the temple. It was awesome! The view was great, it was approaching sunset, and I realized the shoes I had on weren't the best for hiking! Oh well, I thought, it'll be nice to get out and have fun. So we started our little hike, but it didn't last long. Since it was getting closer to sunset, we decided (mostly he decided) to sit and watch the sunset. As the sun set, the lights to the temple came on. There was a light breeze, and you could see the Salt Lake in the distance, reflecting the glow of the just set sun. I was sure that this would have been the perfect moment to propose, but darn it, he forgot to bring the ring! So I looked at him, and he said- well I guess we should get back before it gets too late! I still thought he should do it, with or without the ring... but he just helped me up and we started walking. Then he stopped, turned to me, and said- hold on. He dropped to one knee, got the supposedly forgotten ring out of his pocket, and said- I want you to know how much I love you- will you marry me? There were tears and few playful smacks to his arm for making me believe I was never going to be properly proposed to! We drove home, and for the next while, people (around 16) had to come and see the beautiful ring I had just received. It was awesome! I am so lucky to have such a great husband, and three beautiful children! I am so grateful that we are sealed together forever, and that I KNOW that if we do what we are taught, we will be able to live that life forever. Now, Ranee, I know how you feel about rings being lost. Olivia Peterson flew out a week before the wedding, to keep me sane around my stressed out mother, and help with the final preparations... and to just plain have fun. Two days before the wedding, we were over in Byron, mowing the lawn, cleaning the pond/waterfall, trimming back flowers and whatever else needed done. I went into the house to wash my hands, and it was then that it happened- I looked down at the ring, and one of the diamonds was gone- that is right- gone! I searched the sink, to no avail, and went running out to my mom, with my wands outstretched, bawling my eyes out. She, I found out later, thought that I had chopped off one of my fingers by the way I was carrying on. Then I composed myself enough to explain what was going on. We spend the next little while searching everywhere- the pond, the sink, the lawn- EVERYWHERE! We didn't find it. I called Jaran and tried to tell him what happened, but I was crying so badly, that either my mom or Livs finally had to tell him what happened. The next day- day before the wedding- Livs, Calli and I went from Cody to Worland looking for someone who could replace the rock with ANYTHING so there wasn't a gaping hole. But nobody could. So on my wedding day, I was lacking one of the three stones in the ring. It's funny now to tell about it... but believe me- it was a horrible day. I actually have a picture of me after the ceremony looking at my ring with a scowl on my face. I will see if I can find the picture and scan it in and post it. It's quite humorous! You all have a great day! Take care!


Kimberly said...

Hey, it was fun to read your story. I want to say that I can't believe you didn't realize what was happening when you were practically at the temple, but the same thing happened to me. Thanks for posting something new!

Vyedka said...

That is a cute story! I remember how sad you were that your diamond was missing. Your poor ring, how many times have you lost diamonds off of it? They just need to give you a new ring!