Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spoiler alert and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

If you've seen "TWILIGHT" then you may keep reading. If you plan on seeing it and haven't gotten there, come back and read this after you're done.
I was lucky enough to go to the midnight showing of the movie in Billings. Mind you, I was still on my NKOTB high, so I was thinking that the movie would, perhaps, take my obsession with men in their mid-late 30's away. Alas, it did not. I am a stickler for details, and there were so many things that were changed in the movie that I was irritated, sad, mad, hurt, and so many other emotions. I decided that I needed to go to it again, so that I could try and watch the movie for what it was, instead of spending the whole movie thinking how it was leaving important details out and changing things that were so much better the way they were in the book. So I went tonight, and I dragged Jaran along with me, and we brought Amanda with us too. I didn't comment on it to him, and only made a few comments to her. It was so much better the second time! When I just watched the movie and didn't think too much about the book, it was actually a decent movie. Don't get me wrong, I still have my issues, but, for what it was, it was alright.
Now to get to the fuming part. WHY DID THEY CHANGE SO MUCH!?! So many things didn't make sense unless you read the book! For example... they didn't talk about the Volturi at all, they didn't mention that Jasper can control emotion, they left out so much of the build up to Bella and Edwards relationship! What about when they go back to school and he listens through Jessica's thoughts... and "watches" her in gym class... what about when they do the blood testing? And why in the HECK did they change so much about her figuring out what he was? She is supposed to find out from Jacob at the beach, go research on the internet, and have it figured out by Port Angeles! Then they talk about it on the way back home! And they left out the HUGE build-up to the meadow scene. IRRITATING! grrrrr... there are so many other things that I could point out, but I need to stop and calm down, and realize it is fine. I am just hoping that they do a better job on the next screenplay. Keep it more like the book. I wonder what Stephenie thought of it, and if she felt a bit betrayed by all of the changes.
Anyway- we are in Utah for Thanksgiving, and we are loving being able to hang out with Jaran's family. I really love being around them, and it makes us both want to move to Utah. Not just to be around family, but being able to drive 2 minutes to shop or go to a movie or the temple... or buy underwear if you need some! Ha ha ha- maybe someday I will be able to buy underwear in the town I inhabit! We are going to go and watch Zak wrestle tomorrow, which I am SURE the boys are going to love! We have been thinking about taking them to the children's museum thing and the aquarium or something. McKie is OBSESSED with Lizards, so we have already taken him to petsmart to look at them. I think we'll probably get him one for Christmas... he will be so excited! I am also pretty pumped for all the places I will be able to go on BLACK FRIDAY! Woo hoo!!! Well folks, I'm out. Happy Thanksgiving and Take Care!


PS- Did anyone else think that Bella was not a very good actress? She hardly changed her emotion from mad to happy to elated... and she eneded every sentance in the same way!


Vyedka said...

I haven't read the book or watched the movie but I read your post anyway, and sometimes I think I like to watch the movies first and then read the book because the movies are ALWAYS SO different from the books, which is disappointing. Why is that? Why are movies always so different? I am glad you liked the movie the second time but sorry you were disappointed. Hopefully the next movie will be better!
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am so sad I am not there to celebrate it with everyone. It doesn't even feel like Thanksgiving. And that makes me sad, because I LOVE Thanksgiving. The Holidays are going to be the hardest part about living away. This is my first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas away from family so it is hard. If we had money we would come down but it just gets too expensive, you know?

nina said...

Yeah, I thought they could have done better on the movie. Come on, for how many copies the book sold, you would think they would go all out, and know that the movie would be a big hit. They definately shouldn't have tried to do it on a lower budget.

Kimberly said...

I wasn't disappointed with the movie, because I went to it KNOWING that it wouldn't be as good as the book, I had talked myself into that understanding. But I do know what you mean - there was a lot of stuff that NEEDED to be in the movie that wasn't. The whole time I just kept thinking "Is there anyone out there who didn't read the book who is wondering why the heck these vampires DON'T drink human blood?" That would have been my big question! Are we going to see you guys at Christmas?

Jessika and Josh said...

Enough with the blinking!!

Kimberly said...

GIVE ME SOMETHING NEW PLEASE! Show some pictures of your kids or something. I bet Ansleigh is getting so big. Have you even said if she's walking yet? Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas!