Saturday, February 28, 2009


I would like to apologize to the people who read my post where I was ranting. I'm irritated at myself for getting so crazy! Jaran and I have been a lot less stressed out lately. And the reason for that is that our mortgage company, after having a talk with them, lowered our interest rate from almost 9% to 3.95%! That cuts our payment by more than half! Now we have a small enough payment that we could rent it out and even make a little, depending on how much we want to rent it for. Thanks to all of you who have been thinking about us and praying for us. It has been such a big load off of us, and a great answer to our prayers! The kids have been better behaved the past week or so, and I think a lot of it has to do with us being in such a better mood. I love my kids, and they have are such a great joy, when I let them be. I just need to remind myself how blessed we really are, and that there are a lot of people struggling a lot more than we are!
Moving on, this afternoon, I got a call from my cousin, Steven Bassett. It went something like this:
-David Cook's Light On ring tone playing and me not recognizing the number saying "hello?" in a tone like- who is this?
-"He Shan, this is Steven. Are you terribly busy today?" First of all, what kid his age says terribly busy? I get a grin on my face, thinking, what does he need;)?
-"No I'm not terribly busy, we're just hanging out at home. What's up?"
-"Well I went and got my hair cut yesterday and then had to go straight to work. I was wondering if you could maybe fix it?"
-"So you must have called my Mom and figured out she wasn't home?" You see my mom has been cutting his hair, and Erik's a lot, since I can remember.
-"Yeah I called like 5 times and she isn't home."
-"No she's at regionals. I can do it, come on over."
-"When, now?"
-"Sure whenever."
-"Okay see ya."
It couldn't have been 5 minutes later. I had enough time to pick up the bathroom a little from the mess the kids made with water and toilet paper, thankfully JUST water, and put a bra on;). This poor kid wasn't kidding that he needed his hair fixed. He has an INCREDIBLE amount of hair, and had said the girl cutting it had tried thinning it. Well, she had done a horrible job, and I knew it was going to take some doing to fix it. So after poor Steven sat there for a while, telling me how this crazy person messed up his hair... I even think he mentioned how she was wearing 7 shirts all at different lengths, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, we got it done! I was pretty proud of myself. I mean- he has got about 5 times the amount of hair Jaran does, and Jaran's got a great head of hair. He must roast under there!
After we were done there, Serena Hessenthaler called and invited us over for dinner. Ranee and Adam Clark were there, and Dave and Jen Hessenthaler. It was fun to just sit around and talk for a while. We all say that we need to do it more, but we don't do it often enough! I swear we need to make some type of schedule so that it actually happens! I have some pictures I will post later of the kids, but I'm too lazy to open my mail, download them and then upload them, so wait for the next post! I'll try and be better at posting... I get irritated when people wait too long between posts, and I'm one of those who does it! Take Care!


Kylee Conrad said...

Shanny, I love your posts. 'Rants and raves'. Love you girl. Can't wait till we can actually see eachother again.

Kimberly Lynn said...

You are brave! My brother's hair is so thick I would never dare try to cut it!