Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! So I got nominated to have Thanksgiving at my house. Yes, we just moved in last week, yes we have a ton still to do, but we put it all in our storage room in the basement and cleaned up. While finishing the cleaning process last night, our sink started leaking in the kitchen. Since we moved in it has been draining very slowly... well it was a big mess, and Jaran tried to fix it, but we're going to have to hire a professional to fix it. So we're doing dinner here at 1 and we are going to have to wash in the bathtub... awesome... yeah...
On a brighter note- we're having a sale at Who's Got the Button! It's a BLACK FRIDAY SALE only going on tomorrow- so go check it out! Love to all, and have a great day!

Take Care!

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