Monday, January 28, 2008

Not much...

I know that I've not been doing the best job keeping everyone updated- but there's just not much going on. Jaran hasn't had a job since the second week of January so we've been trying to get some odd jobs going. We went to Wyoming and do a small job for Kurt and Kim. He was working down in the basement doing some framing for them... and since then- we have had nothing. Right now, in fact, he's been working in our house- because he can't just relax and do nothing. So he's in our master bathroom, re-texturing and now re-painting. We decided to go with a little different color. Instead of gray with a brown texturized paint over top, we are now doing a nice blue/green/gray. It's quite a bit darker- but creates a nice contrast from the browns of the cabinets and tile. After we are done in the bathroom, we will do our bedroom... which means we will probably be staying in one of the boys rooms... either that or on the couches in the living room.
This weekend I acted as the designated driver for my sister, Cam, and a group of her friends. We went to Mixers, which is a club in Bozeman, to listen to a local area band- The Clintons. I don't believe there is any tie to Hillary- but you'd have to ask them. Cam and her friend Erin invited a few friends to go, as well as my other sister Steph and my sister-in-law Rose. Steph, Rose and I kept it pretty low-key, while the others were dancing queens, and frequented the bar for more drinks. I will not speak of much else... as I feel the Vegas rule must apply to this night. However, I will tell you that Rose and I won $8.60 at one of the slots in the casino while we were taking a much needed break from the craziness! Yay for me. For more details- you will have to ask me. For those who are in on the joke- SOMEBODY GET THE BACK!!!
I hope this is enough for all of you. The kids are healthy right now, no crazy visits to the ER to report. Doctor visits are a long way in the future(hopefully) and we will just try to keep to the job search... as well as a job for me. That's right- it's gotten to the point that in order to pay our medical bills and other things- I must abandon my post as a mom and get back into the workforce. My sister Calli will act as nanny... and I will try to keep myself from missing the kids too much. Wish us luck!


Emily Asay said...

I wanna hear more about the crazy night!! Good for you for being designatd driver and keeing everyone safe. Where are you looking to get a job? Good luck!!

Kimberly said...

Sorry you have to find a job. I know how that feels and it's no fun. What ever happened to the medical transcriptionist thing? Thanks for updating. I check you blog practically every day and I was just getting ready to tell you to post something new!