Sunday, January 6, 2008

Small update

Well, it's been too long since I wrote, I know... and I apologize for that. Christmas was great! We went to Wyoming on the 23rd for Christmas and stayed at Cam's house. They were in North Dakota so we had the house to ourselves, besides Cal, cause she also inhabits the home on a daily basis. On Christmas Eve, Kim came over with Hailey and Kennedy and had breakfast. We then took off to Billings to take part in the rush of last-minute-shoppers. Kim thankfully kept Kies for us, but we had Ansleigh and Brensyn. We had quite a few stops to make- the mall, target, Costco, shopko, walmart and the $ store. We were supposed to be back by 5:00 but didn't make it until almost 5:45. It was a great time at the party, and the kids got a rediculous ammount of gifts from Mom and Bob. They loved it! We did the traditional Christmas Eve PJ Package opening and then... a very familiar-looking Santa showed up right before the kids went to bed and told them to hurry to sleep so he could bring them presents. So they did! After the stockings were hung by the chimney with care(laid down in front of the tv in the living room), we decided it best to go to sleep as well. When the kids woke up, they came straight into the room we were sleeping in... and they woke up at about 4... so there were five of us sleeping in the same bed. Then we decided to get up to see what santa brought. The boys got a home-made tool bench and a bunch of tools. They got clothes and all of the things they needed. Jaran got a massage coupon and I got a nice thing for my card-making. We cleaned up and went over to Mom and Bobs for breakfast, and hung out there for quite a while until nap-time. Then everyone came over to Cam's to play games that evening. The next day we went to Billings for the second annual day-after-Christmas $100 shopping spree. That's our gift from Mom and Bob. After that- we had a night at home and it was off to Utah. We stayed there until New Years day. We got to visit with all of the siblings, Justin and his girlfriend Amy and her daughter Baylie(?), Billy, Nikki and Ryder and Andy and Ashley- who we haven't seen for a long time! It was a great time. Jaran's brother, Jeremy, took us to the Jazz/Celtics game, and we had a blast. We played Rock Band at Billy's- the greatest game ever- and spent some money on some sweet clothes from Anchor Blue that we got for $5/item. You see, some of Jaran's family works for a roofing company... and someone didn't do a roof right over Anchor Blue in California, so they had to buy all of it, and we got to take advantage! We spent New Years eve at the Baker house and played games and drank cider and grape juice. Then we came home... and that's about it. Not a ton to report on since. I'll try and post some pics... but our computer sucks right now- hope you all had a great holiday!


Kimberly said...

Wow, I didn't realize that you went to Utah too. It was good to see you at Christmas! Thanks for posting something new!

Lauren said...

Crazy stuff, Shan. Busy holidays, but I'm glad that you had a great time. :)

Vyedka said...

It was nice to see you guys over the Holiday! And Thank You so much for the beautiful craft you did for us! We love it so much!