Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A great date!

Well, last week on the day that Kies has school, Jaran said he'd keep Brensyn so I only had Kies and Ansleigh. So after I picked Kies up from school, I decided we needed some alone time, so we went to Old Chicago for a lunch date. Ansleigh pretty much slept the whole time, so we were able to have time for just the two of us. He got spaghetti and I got a mini pizza and a salad. We had a lot of fun coloring and singing and things of that nature. Kies wanted to take a bunch of pictures in remembrance of the occasion- so here they are!

Here is a picture of my neice, Taylin, and her crazy hair!

And Rose and I at MIXERS!


Emily Asay said...

Thats so cute that you and McKie went on a date...love the pics

Lauren said...

cute for sure. :)