Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Brensyn turned two on Saturday! It's crazy, but yes, he's two. We had a little party for him with the family at my mom's. We have been in Wyoming for a while, so that's why we did it here. He got a bunch of flashlights- which were a hit with all of the kids present- some more tools to go along with the ones the boys got for Christmas, a pirate hate and patch, a shopping cart- which he loves- and just some miscellaneous stuff. He ate most of the frosting off of his cupcake, but didn't get into the actual cake part much.

I love cupcakes!
We had fun.

So as I said, we have been in Wyoming for a while. Jaran's next job keeps getting postponed, so thankfully Bob has been giving him some stuff to do. He has been doing new siding on the house in Byron, and will continue to renovate it until we have to go back to Montana. We are staying at my mom's, which pretty much sucks, seeing how there is ABSOLUTELY NO ROOM! We are staying on a full sized mattress, with Kies on the floor and Brensyn in the miniscule computer room in the port-a-crib. Ansleigh sleeps with us too, since there is no other place. She sometimes sleeps in her carseat with a fluffy blanket under her for some padding. That's not the worst part about the sleeping. Brensyn wakes up every night around two or three and won't stop screaming until Jaran gets him some new drink and also gets him out of bed. There's obviously no room in the bed with us, so Jaran goes out and sleeps with him on the couch. See, if we were at home, we could just let him be and let him get his screaming out of the way while we try and ignore him and sleep. But in this tiny trailer, with the cardboard thing walls and doors, the whole house would have to endure a sleepless night. That is not something we are willing to do, so we just have to appease him for now. It sucks, but we don't have any other choice. So for now- that is where we are and what we are doing. I need to go before my mom freaks out on me! Talk to you all later!

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Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy! I totally understand about him not sleeping and you having to keep him quiet. That's how we've been living for almost 3 months now, since we're all in the same room. If you get really bored you could take a little trip to Casper to see me! :) By the way, did you get those sippy's to my mom? I still need to get you the money for them.