Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Brensyn has been in need of a hair cut for some time now. This time- we decided to go bold and give him a mohawk. It's freakin' cuter than crap too!

We love it. He was a pretty good kid throughout the whole deal too. Usually it takes an army to give the kids a haircut, but with Grandma Barb at the wheel- he didn't dare do anything crazy!

So it was a painless experience, which we will probably have to do quite often at the rate his hair grows. Jaran wanted to grow it out- but if you've seen this kids hair- you know that it would be a mistake to do such a crazy thing.
I gave in and said that we could grow out McKie's hair- because it lays down and is manageable... which Brensyn's is not. So no all I have to do is put a little wax in it- which is easy since I use it on my own hair- and we are good to go all day long! Have a great day everyone!