Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Are you afraid?

I decided to go ahead and update my blog two days in a row. Not because I think it needs to be done, but because I am afraid to go into the other room and see the mess my kids have made since I have been on the computer for 10 minutes. I keep making the boys come in here so I know they are still living and breathing, and I hear Ansleigh playing in her jumperoo... but that doesn't mean that the carpet, furniture and toys are unscathed. As I was skimming through other people's blogs, I found one by "mormon mom." Whoever it is- not that you are a blog lurker like me- just in case you read this- thanks for saying the things most of us don't take the time to! I really do love being LDS. I don't thank my Heavenly Father near enough for the blessing I feel that I earn because of the things that are taught by the church. There are things that many people find odd about our religion, and maybe some of the things are a bit odd, but I am thankful that I have such a great reason to be part of something odd! I'm pretty sure that most of the people who read my blog are LDS- although a select few may not be, but just so you all know, I am greatful, thankful, and blessed to be part of it! I give thanks to those who came before me that were brave enough to shoulder the persecution that came along with being a member of the church when it first was restored. I have read numerous accounts about all of the things that people went through and I can't honestly tell you that I would have stuck it out through all of it. I wasn't there, so how can I say it? I know for a fact that one of my great-great-great-grandfathers was a bodyguard for the Prophet Joseph Smith. He must have gone through some pretty horrible things while being so close to him. Because of him, however, I am here, as a Latter-day Saint- and proud of it. I'm through rambling... as I have most likely said the same thing in many different ways.
Here are some pictures of the kids at the park last week- it was a blast for all involved!

Here is Ansleigh loving the swing. It sort of looks like she has a nubbin for her right leg- and I laughed so hard!

McKie being the little weirdo that he is! I love that kid!

Brensyn could swing all day long if I'd push him!

I had to add this one, not so much because of my beautiful little girl, but because of Brensyn in the background- it's hilarious!

PS- Just checked on the boys- and they were sitting quietly on the couch watching Kai Lan! Yay boys for not being naughty!


Emily Asay said...

Thanks for your laundry "secret recipe." I'm all over that next time I buy detergent. I'll let you know how it pans out :)

Ranee` said...

Hey, are you still in Cowley? I haven't checked my blog for a few days, so I wasn't sure. If you are, give me a call! We would love to hang out! I'm a little weary of posting my phone number for everyone to see, so just call either my mom or my mother-in-law (both in the phone book) and both would be happy to give you my number!