Thursday, December 11, 2008

Husband Tag

5 Things he loves:

- BYU football
- His family
- 311
- Building log furniture
- His homemade salsa

5 Things on his to do list:

- Make a toy chest for the boys for Christmas
- Make end tables for the living room for Christmas
- Help me organize the craft/computer room
- Take a vacation kid-free
- Close on our home refinance

5 Foods he enjoys:

- Steak
- Baked potatoes with cheese, sour cream AND butter(not butt like it said before!)
- My Grandma Fran Spaghetti
- Hamburgers(he orders this almost everywhere we go to eat)
- Chinese food from China Town

5 things you may not know about him:

- He can sing, even though he tells people he can't
- He is a master paper airplane maker
- He DOES NOT like to relax when he can be doing something... he'd rather be working that sitting on the couch watching a movie
- HE is the one who wanted to buy a van
- He Speaks Spanish(from his mission although he says he doesn't anymore)

5 quirky things about him:

- His jaw pops when he chews
- While sitting he always has to move his legs
- He always taps his knuckles together
- When he laughs he doesn't really make noise
- He calls grilled cheese sandwiches "cheese grills"

Anyone who wants to do this


Vyedka said...

I LOVE Jaran's Homemade salsa TOO!! But he does make it really spicy!! And who doesn't like BUTT on their bake potatoes! Thanks for telling us more about Jaran! I didn't know he could make paper airplanes so well! I am always kicking my legs too! I think that runs in the family! And Steve laughs when I call them Cheese Grills Too!! I wonder if that is what my Dad calls them...

Kristin said...

Those are good answers, I had a hard time at first thinking of answers for David. If you ever come to SLC for a vacation, drop the kids off here- we would love to watch them for ya!

Erika and Kevin said...

I love Jarans salsa too but last time he make it I had a allergic reaction, remember that? but it was sooo good! I remember Jarans airplanes when u were down for thanksgiving too, there were pretty slick! And yes it must be a baker thing to call them Cheese grill sandwiches cause I think we all do it