Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My freak accident

Bob, my step-dad, loves meat. This means that we all eat meat a lot too, and that we don't usually buy meat. He usually buys a beef and has some made into hamburger. So we all enjoy the blessing of eating a lot, and having our freezers full of it. Today, since Jaran hasn't been working(please pray for us on that note, he can't stay busy), we all went to Powell to do some grocery shopping. We stopped and ate at Chinese, for the last time for a while since we won't have any income for a while, and we were running late getting Kies to school. So when we got home, we brought all the stuff in that needed to be in the fridge, and we were hurrying to take Kies over to school, so Jaran was putting things into the freezer while I put stuff in the fridge. While I was kneeling down to put the beans in the veggie drawer, I felt a sudden pain on my upper back/shoulder blade and head. I thought Jaran had dropped a can of juice on me. Then I realized that it was REALLY hurting. I couldn't believe the pain that was throbbing through me... and then I looked at the floor next to me and saw that it was a 2 pound tube package of ground beef! It hit me first in the back and knocked me on the head a split second later. I thought that my head got the worst of it, as the instant headache spread, but then as I tried to steady myself and get up, I realized any movement of my left arm sent shock waves through me. It is ridiculous how bad it hurts! Even now, 12 hours after it happened, it still throbs! I hope that the pain isn't as bad tomorrow, but I have a feeling it might be worse... cross your fingers for me! Moral of the story- do not have the freezer open while bending into the fridge, just in case a large tube of beef decides to roll out and attack you! Take Care!

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