Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's that smell.......?

I'll tell you what it is! Today I realized that I have some bananas that needed to be made into banana bread... so I took the proper steps, added the right ingredients and preheated the oven, all while trying to fix lunch for the kids. I put the bread into the oven, and started smelling the aroma of it long before I thought I should, so I went to check on it. It seemed to be getting larger than it normally does, but I figured it may have been cause I beat it longer or something. Then I took Kies to school and waited for the buzzer to beep. I thought it was smelling sort of burned, so I went in to check on it, and it was! GRRRR! It's not a small task to make the bread, so I was mad at myself for doing something wrong. When I came back in from throwing it in the garbage outside, after it burned through the garbage bag I put it in, I checked to see that the oven was still on and start another batch of bread. It's supposed to be set at 325 and it was past 450! One of the kids had messed with it while I was making them lunch and mixing the batter! I was thankful that the kids were asleep and at school so I couldn't yell at them, cause I was pretty T.O.'d! So now I keep checking the bread I have in now to assure that it is not burning. I hope this turns out better, cause I'm craving some banana bread! Take Care!


KrIStiN said...

MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm.....I LOVE BANANA BREAD..and crap now I want some and I'm too dang lazy to make it!!

nina said...

Hey, if you have a good recipe for banana bread you should post it, because I don't have one. Thanks!