Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Although his birthday isn't until Sunday, I've been thinking a lot about McKie lately. I can't believe that he's almost 7 years old! It's amazing the way time passes as you get older, and it's hard to believe that my baby is no longer a baby. I remember how frustrated I was when I was pregnant with McKie. He was stubborn, even in my belly. He was due on May 14th... but didn't come until May 22nd, and even then we had to force him. We almost didn't get him until May 23rd, but thankfully he gave in, arriving at 11:17 PM. He weighed 8lbs. 2oz. Boy he was a chunky little monkey.

As hard as it is sometimes to deal with some of his issues, I love him so much. I know that having a child with ADHD doesn't seem like a big deal, and I know there are a lod of people who have to deal with issues that are a lot worse than that, but sometimes it's hard to remember that he's just a little boy and that a lot of what he does isn't intentional.

He really is a good kid, and hilarious at times. Even though he usually does things to be funny at inopportune times, you can't help but laugh at him, and he's always trying to make you laugh. He's always making faces or saying crazy things.

I don't know what I'd do without my little man. When he wants to be, he can really be a great helper. He's a good big brother, and even when he's crazy, he's trying to look out for his little brother and sister. He LOVES lizards and frogs and things like that. He's gotten really good at t-ball and has a pretty darn accurate throw. He can throw further and further each time he tries, and I think he will be pretty good by the end of the season.

Well, just wanted to say a little... I know it was rambling, but I felt the urge! Take Care!


Kimberly said...

That's a really sweet post and I LOVE the pictures. All of them are so perfect! And people are crazy if they don't understand that ADHD is a hard thing to deal with. It is very wearing on a mother (or teacher) and I think it's hard to figure out sometimes what is just regular kid/boy stuff and what is the disorder. I think you are doing a great job at it!

lacey bassett said...

I think McKie is an AWESOME little guy too! I miss you and your kids! We need to get together :)