Monday, January 5, 2009

The House

So we put the house up on Craigslist, and have gotten 3 replys, all of which haven't come to anything, of course! But we are praying that it will pan out for us. It's so stressful having a huge house just sitting there, empty, while we are living in this crap hole of a house! I'm sorry, but I'm just so frustrated by it! The bathroom is so gross- I spent TWO hours scrubbing it and it looks like it hasn't been cleaned in about 10 years, which must have been the case at some point in time! The breakers in this house are rediculous, as they all seem to be attached to about 3. Which, for a 4 bedroom house, is not enough! And don't get me started on the carpet! It's this super dark green that shows EVERYTHING, and when you have three little ones running around, being dirty little kids, it is a really bad idea! You would think, in a rental, they would have some type of nuetral carpeting! It's green in the living room and hall, and pink, yes PINK, in the rooms! I'm sorry- I truly am grateful for a warm place to live and have my children be comfortable. It's just so hard to know I could be living in a house like we have, but we can't cause everyone has suddenly stopped building houses in Montana!
Well enough with that, I apoligize for being so melodramatic, it's just really irritating to me as I have been trying to clean up the whole house for company for the funeral, and I realized just how annoying it was! Not that I didn't before, it's just that it was only me who had to deal with it before, now I have to be embarrassed that other people have to deal with it! The funeral is tomorrow at 11 in Cody, and I have to sing(just call me the funeral singer!)
We will be heading to Colorado after the funeral sometime to go and see my cousin, Jenna, get married. It has been over 4 years since I last visited Colorado, and it makes me super sad! This is, by far, the longest time I've spent away from my dear Colorado! It will be nice to see some old faces and places, and visit with family!
I guess I had better go, Ansleigh keeps getting egg shells out of the garbage! Take Care!


Shantay* said...

Shannon! Your coming to the wedding????!?!?!?!?! YAY I'm so excited to see you guys. Where are you staying at? You should call me soon, cuz I don't have your phone number programed into my phone, I got a new one. Anyway call me when you get a chance k?

lacey bassett said...

I totally understand what you mean about breakers.. We got a brandnew washer and fairly new dryer and we can't use is because the breaker box is shot. OLD HOUSES ahh! See you tommorow!

Vyedka said...

Hopefully you house will sell soon. That is exciting that it is on the market at least! Our stay in Utah was great! I loved seeing everyone's reactions! At first it was like everyone expected to see us and then they realized that we should be a thousand miles away! It was fun. I thought we would be back in Utah for at least 4 years. So it was nice to see everyone again. We have only been gone for 5 months so it hasn't been that long. And now that Jeremy is getting married, we will be able to hopefully go back to Utah for that. We have to find out the day so we can plan and save up money to go. So if you find out the day can you let me know! Thanks!!

Kristin said...

That is so frustrating! I'll say Arrgghhh with you!