Saturday, March 28, 2009


Jaran's brother Jeremy got married yesterday! We all wondered if it would ever happen;) Not really, he's a great guy and just hadn't found the right girl until Camary came around. We went to the wedding in the morning at the Bountiful temple, and their sealer was so hilarious! It was hard not to just bust up laughing, but being as we were in the temple, we tried our hardest to be reverent. Afterwards we took a couple pictures outside, and then headed to Layton. We went back to Bountiful/North Salt Lake at 4:30 and took some more pictures. Then we took the kids to Jeremy's house just down the road from the reception center and they were looked after by Amanda's great friends Micah and Melissa. We took them there so we could enjoy a very delicious meal they had planned for before the reception. There were some great speeches given, some funny ones and some sentimental ones, and then it was back to get the kids and then come back for the reception. It was so much fun, and they had music for dancing. They both looked so great, and you could tell how absolutely happy they are! I forgot to mention the cardboard-cut-out that was made of Buddy(Jaran's brother that's on a mission) so he could be part of the party;)! Ha ha ha- it was a blast and I will post pictures as soon as I can! Take Care!

These are a couple from Amanda's camera, but none that were super great of them, so enjoy until I can post more!

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